3 Home-Based Careers Well Worth Considering

Working from home has long been associated with a few obvious home-based careers. We’re talking about your freelance writers, graphic designers, etc.

But, did you know there are way more careers that can easily adopt the work-from-home method? Add to this the wealth of online education programs and it’s totally viable you can gain qualifications and pursue a career without leaving the home!

That’s a bit of an over-exaggeration, you should want to leave your home now and then! Still, what careers should you consider if you’re keen to work from home?

Here are a few suggestions that might shock you and will definitely impress:


That’s right, you can become a teacher and stay at home all day.

The most common misconception about teaching careers is that you have to work in a school. You absolutely do not!

You can work from home and provide online education to loads of different students. All you need is a teaching degree and Zoom.

Now, you can have video consultations with pupils – either one-on-one or in little groups. It might be worth focusing on a particular topic so you can offer expert help for kids who are struggling.

A lot of students and parents will look for tutors who can give extra guidance in troublesome subjects come exam season.

There are many directions you can take this home-based career, making it one of the most impressive around.


You typically think of accountants as people in fancy offices that do a lot of face-to-face work with clients.

Surely you need to meet people to discuss and go over their finances? These days, you can do all of this online.

Provided you have a secure connection to communicate over, there’s no need to meet in-person. Thanks to the wealth of accountancy software on the market, you can pretty much handle all your work with just a computer and a mug of coffee.

Accountants can make a lot of money, so this is definitely a career worth looking into.

Personal Trainer

The very core of being a personal trainer revolves around training clients in a gym, right? So, how on earth can you do this from home?

Well, the modern personal trainer doesn’t have to provide one-to-one coaching. Instead, you can offer online personal training for people all over the world.

Speak to clients by video call, create workout plans for them, and so on. You could even create your own online portal where you upload videos of workouts for client’s to follow.

The possibilities are limitless, and a career in personal training could be a good one. Think about it, lots of people have let themselves go after spending months inside quarantined. So, the demand for personal trainers will be higher than ever!

Working from home can be so advantageous for many reasons. Not only that, but it might be essential for some of you.

If you have kids and need to stay at home to look after them, it makes so much sense to seek out careers that let you work from home. This way you can still earn a living without handing your kids to a daycare centre every day. 

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