How to Start a Home-Based Floral Business

This is an interview with Whitney of Tried and True Mom Jobs.

Hey, Whitney. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do. 

I’m a wife, mother of two with another baby on the way and founder of the website

What made you look for ways to work from home?

When I had my second child I had a mind-set shift. I no longer wanted to climb the corporate ladder, I wanted to be home raising my babies but my husband and I were living on a two-household income.

Before I even considered quitting my job I wanted to find a way to make money from home with the kids so I wouldn’t leave the entire financial burden on him.

What’s the first online job that you tried and how did it go?

I had a freelance marketing assistant role that I found on Upwork that paid $20 per hour for just 5-10 hours per week.

It was perfect because it was something I could do with a full-time job and tending to home. It went really well, but my client was still working things out with her business so we ended the business relationship after about 8 months on good terms. We’re still Facebook friends today. 

I did this just to get my feet wet to see if I could make money online

When and why did you start Tried and True Mom Jobs?

I launched my website at the end of January 2018, three months before I had my daughter. 

I started my website because I was looking online for ways moms could make money from home with kids but I couldn’t find any success stories.

I knew there were moms out there making money from home and after months of frustration I decided to reach out to work at home moms and ask them what they do, how did they get started, how they do it with kids, and most importantly how much they earn.

They were kind enough to share their stories, so I documented everything and created a website for moms like me looking for LEGITIMATE ways to make money from home with kids.

My challenge to find a solution birthed my business.

How did you grow your blog traffic in the first months?


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How many page views does your blog get now and from what sources?

I get over 200,000 pageviews per month from a combination of Google and Pinterest. 

What’s your content strategy like?

I focus on SEO. I find keywords/questions people are searching for and I answer them in the personal finance niche. 

How did you earn your first $100 blogging (and how long did it take)?

I earned my first $500 my fourth month blogging from one affiliate sale. That was just the motivation I needed to know that this blogging thing was really going to work. 

At what point did you start treating your blog like a business, and when was the right time to quit your job?

From day 1. My blog had to work, I didn’t have a plan B.

I think that’s a big reason why my blog has had so much success. 

How much are you currently earning from your mom blog and in what ways? 

Six-figures from a combination of ads and affiliate marketing

What’s your favorite income stream and why?

Affiliate Marketing because it’s so passive and whether you have a lot of traffic to your website or not you can still make a lot of money from it.

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Can anyone make a full-time income from home?

Yes, but it all depends on you. 

How many hours per week do you spend working on the blog?

10-20 hours per week

Any particular courses you’ve taken to master the different aspects of blogging?

For the most part I’m self taught, I did purchase a couple of ebooks to help me understand Pinterest from Carly Campbell (Pinteresting Strategies) and Pot Pie Girl (Pin Signals)

What’s next for you and Tried and True Mom Jobs?

I’m starting a YouTube channel!

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