How to Promote Your Book on Your Blog

In this article, you’ll learn how to promote your book on your blog so you can double your profits and create a passive income stream for your business.

For a start, make sure you’ve done a great job with your book, validated your idea before publishing, have designed and formatted it well, and are selling it in the right way (maybe that’s directly on your blog, through a sales and delivery application like SendOwl, or via Amazon Kindle).

If you’ve used a service that turns your blog into a book, even better. Then all the formatting, editing, proofreading and design can be done professionally for you. 

Whatever platform you use, you can easily advertise your eBook on your blog in multiple ways and we’ll now go through some of them.

6 Ways to Promote Your Book as a Blogger

1. Create a great sales page for it.

If your book is sold on another platform, chances are it already has a sales page. But you’ll also need a separate one on your blog that you can refer readers to. 

It can be added to the menu and you can link to it from other pages and blog posts.

Write great copy, design it well and use quality images. Make sure anyone who lands on it knows what it’s about, how it can help them, what problem it solves, who you are and who you wrote it for.

2. Have a special lead magnet that pitches the book.

Every blogger should have an email list and offer lead magnets to get subscribers to sign up. 

One of your next lead magnets can be something related to the topic of your book and which will attract the right audience to your list. At the end of it, you can directly promote your book and even offer a special discount.

3. Promote it in your automated email series.

Use an email marketing provider like ConvertKit to create automated email series for anyone who joins your list.

In these welcome/sales emails, share your story, link to your best content, and pitch the book. Use the language of the reader and really connect to them.

That’s a great way to establish a relationship with your subscribers, introduce your book and also make sales directly from your emails.

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4. Optimize your cornerstone content and promote the book in it.

The next one of the best ways to promote your book as a blogger is to not just have cornerstone content (this is the best content on your blog in the form of guides, long-form articles, and amazing tutorials) but also optimize it using the right SEO techniques.

That will boost its rankings in Google and you’ll get more traffic to the articles. Inside, you can naturally promote your book.

5. Display reviews from readers.

A great way to get your first reviews is to give the book for free to a few readers (also called beta testers) and get their honest feedback.

You can share the best reviews in the form of testimonials on the sales page or anywhere else on your blog, in your newsletter or on social media.

6. Have more than one book.

Selling more than 1 book means more choices for your readers and more opportunities to make sales and double your profits.

If you don’t have the time to create a new book from scratch, use a service like Publishing Parrot that turns your blog posts and podcast episodes into a book. 

Once you have more products, you can bundle them, offer discounts, promote different books to different types of readers based on the topic they are interested in, have more landing pages on your site, and so much more.

Book promotion is a series of actions you can take over time, but you don’t need to be a marketer or tech-savvy to do that.

There are plenty of ways to promote your book using your blog and only to your existing audience. So go ahead and try a few of the techniques above.

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