How I Earned $250 from One Sponsored Post on my blog

Online business is an interesting thing. It took me 4 years of focused work every week to start making my first few dollars online. Now, $250 can be made in 10 minutes. I believe these are closely connected, though. Here’s what I mean.

The 4 years I’m referring to is the time I was learning how the Internet works, started Let’s Reach Success and published random blog posts on personal development.

I was reading about other bloggers and lifestyle designers who were productive and having this incredible life and business. Yet, I had no idea where to begin. I also wasn’t sure if it was possible for someone like me to be there.

Now that I’m at the next stage of my freelance writing and blogging business, the next steps seem more achievable than ever.

I mean, making $4,000/month once is a clear proof that it can happen any other month. Which gets me closer to making $50K a year from what started as a free time activity.

If you’re curious to know how exactly I began earning online with no experience. It was freelance writing in the beginning, but then blogging became my full-time career.

And I’m not the only one seeing progress after years of hard work and starting from nothing. The world is full of people like that. Maybe you’re the next one. Depends on whether or not you’re ready to put in the work.

Let me get to the point of this post.

It’s possible to make hundreds of dollars in 10 minutes.

For me, that’s thanks to sponsored posts. I started making money from them after having published 1000 articles here on the blog. Then sponsors began reaching out themselves.

Which means anyone else can do it. In the beginning, I accepted prices such as $10 for a guest post a company or individual provided. After which I made it live together with their link and got paid.

Then, it got to around $30 per post and I became stricter with the links. One was allowed and I refused to publish anything in a category I wasn’t comfortable with.

Over time, brands emailed me offering $100 for a single blog post that I publish on Let’s Reach Success. And they paid right away via PayPal.

Then I realized I was underpricing my services again (much like freelance writing in the early days). I stopped accepting anything under $50 per article, approved only well-written pieces from people who could give me company details and show they are legit.

Turns out, if someone has a budget for guest posting, they’d pay at least $100 for a site like mine. These were the standards, I just wasn’t aware of them as not much is shared online on how to make money from sponsored posts.

The fact that I was accepting much lower prices only showed my lack of confidence in the authoritative platform I’ve been building for years. It was clients who opened my eyes for the money I was leaving on the table.

A few times I was offered $200 for quality articles too and accepted it. Some would say it’s easy money. But I know pretty well exactly how much I’ve paid for hosting for Let’s Reach Success over the years and how many unpaid hours (hundreds!) I’ve invested in it.

I was inspired to write this today because I just got paid $250 for a sponsored post that took me 10 minutes to add to my dashboard. Doesn’t matter which one or by whom. The point is that anyone can build a powerful platform from a personal blog and monetize it over time.

However, one thing you can’t go without is putting in the work long before you see any money coming in.

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