50 Important Truths of Life I've Learned The Hard Way

You’ve wanted to create your own blog or online business for a long time but for one reason or another your online venture hasn’t happened.

Why is that? Lack of money, lack of knowledge or even lack of time? I’m sure you can list a whole range of excuses but I predict the real reason you haven’t started is a fear of failure or at least a lack of self-confidence!

I’m sure you are familiar with the following  scenario… you come up with an online idea and you start to workshop these come up with a plan on how you could approach this, you start to get excited and believe that you could be onto something here….

Then that little voice in your head starts to get louder! You start to hear things like no one will buy your product, no one will watch your videos, no one will read your blog. Before too long all your positive momentum has been halted and you have given into that negative voice in your head and have stopped your online plans.  

I get that it can be scary to put yourself out there in a public domain. I get that there will be times where you will be asking yourself what am I doing?

I’m sure many will have moments of doubt, sometimes asking yourself why anyone would listen to me or my stories when there are so many other or “better” options in the marketplace.

Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen if I set up my blog or online business?

No one might buy your products or you might have zero readers or subscribers or zero views on your YouTube videos! Big deal! You are well in front of others who don’t even have the courage to try!

And what if people don’t visit your site or watch your videos or read your blog? Sure that could be a blow to the ego but that’s about it.

Your life certainly isn’t at stake! You (hopefully) haven’t invested too much money, just time. You may have a bit of a bruised ego but other than that you have experience.

If you failed in your first effort then take that experience into your next project! Just make sure you take action. I believe it was Wayne Gretzky who said “you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take”.

Shouldn’t your audience or potential audience be the ones to determine if they want to visit your website or read your content?

Just take action!

If every major journey in life begins with a single step then make sure you take that first step. Then take another, then another and another.

Set your goals and keep working on a daily, consistent basis to achieve them. If you get knocked down, then dust yourself off and get back up!

Think you don’t have enough money to start a successful online business?

With access to a computer or with your laptop, you can create a website with hosting for less than $50 US per annum.

Think you don’t have enough knowledge to build a blog or online business?

Everyone has to start somewhere and a lot of successful online entrepreneurs had very little knowledge about the online world when they first started their businesses.  

There is so much good quality FREE information available online that you can become quite knowledgeable in certain areas in no time at all!

Let’s reach success has some great tools to help you begin your online dream! Start with the blog or resources on this website.

how to start a blog in 1 day - free course

Look at reading the free stuff from other successful online entrepreneurs like Ramit Sethi and Pat Flynn. Once you are comfortable with this then move onto a paid course such as the Let’s Reach Success “Financial Freedom Through Blogging” course.

With any journey you need a starting point and a destination.

Start with a goal of what you want to achieve. This may be to replace your current full-time income with income from your online ventures. Now this won’t happen overnight however it is certainly possible given a long enough time frame.

Let’s say this goal is to create an online income of $50,000 USD per annum. Break that goal into smaller goals.

Your first goal might be to decide and test what online business or blog you wish to create.

Your next goal might be to create your website and fill this with content. Your next goal might be to find your first subscriber or earn your first online dollar, etc, etc until you are well on track to achieving your $50,000 USD per annum online goal.

So start with setting your big, major goal, figure out exactly what you want to achieve, and then start your journey today!

Do your own research, try stuff, and don’t be afraid to change things that aren’t working. Reach out to people who have achieved what you are setting out to achieve.

Find a mentor or accountability partner who can help you along the way.

Will you make missteps along the way? Absolutely!

Will the journey be smooth, highly doubtful (make sure you don’t take any of these setbacks personally)! Will the success be worth the pain, frustration, exhaustion? Definitely!

Ask yourself how sweet it will be not just earning your $50,000 online goal but the fact that you reached one of your major goals!

What other goals are you capable of achieving?

Don’t limit this new mindset to your online vision. Broaden your horizons across all aspects of your life.

Always wanted to learn a new language or a musical instrument but are scared you may fail?

Want to improve your fitness levels or lose some weight but are too embarrassed to start? Just take action!

Have that major goal in your head and start taking action today to achieve this. Once you realize how to achieve your goals you will be unstoppable!

There’s an old Chinese proverb “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Banish all past excuse, start with a clean slate to change your life and make sure that you don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from starting something great!

About the Author

Justin is the founder of the website Nothing To Niche. He enjoys spending time at the beach Kite Surfing, keeping fit and helping others to become successful in their online ventures.

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