Working hard is not a certain determinant of high productivity level. Working smart within the limit of the little available time is what makes an individual very productive.

Generally, the productivity of a busy person is likely to be high. But there is a need to adopt simple ways to measure productivity and increase it where necessary.

How to Measure Productivity

All busy persons need to find time to evaluate their level of productivity and look into areas where they can improve it.

Here are some simple tips for measuring one’s level of productivity

1. Define the task itself and not the hour

The task and not the time spent is what requires main evaluation. Assess the importance of the task you spend your time on.

Some tasks don’t really worth the time you give to them. You can’t learn how to measure productivity on the basis of the number of hours you spent working, rather measure based on the type of output.

2. Grade the quality of the end result you get

Check the quality of the result you get after putting great effort into your tasks. Ensure your output is of the best quality before concluding that you are productive. You are productive only when you are able to get good results out of the effort you have put into the task.

3. Check out how many tasks you complete per day

A productive person doesn’t spend the whole day on a single task. The number of your completed tasks could be a very good way of assessing your level of productivity.

4. Figure out the resources it takes you in completing a task

Carefully consider all the resources you have put together in completing a task.  

Relate the cost of the resources to the value of the result you get, in order to see how productive you truly are.

5. Determine productivity from your profit

If you produce goods or render services, the profit you make can suggest your level of productivity.

High profit suggests good productivity while low profit suggests poor productivity.

6. Through feedback and comments from consumers

You can use comments and feedback from consumers to evaluate how customers enjoy your services. Through this, you can see how to measure productivity.

Customer feedback is a good way to infer your productivity, because you would have done something laudable to deserve a good feedback or vice versa.

7. Compare your earlier set goals to what you have truly achieved

By comparing our set goals with our achievements, we can easily realize how far away or how close we are to our goals.

Since our level of productivity is one of what determines our achievements, then we can get idea of how productive we are from our achievements so far.

8.By keeping monthly or weekly records of your activities

You can keep the records of your various activities and note how many of them are productive ones.

The more productive activities you engage in, the better it is for your productivity.

Some productivity hacks

Successful people engage in many productive activities and they use some simple tools like WorkflowMax and Trello to accomplish tasks and save time.

Many times, they use past experience to avoid going through unnecessary stressful situations.

Productivity hacks are of great importance for someone with a very tight schedule.

A common example of a productivity hack which extremely busy people use is meditation. As a busy person, you need to learn how to manage your time and achieve best results within the shortest time possible.

Anyone can adopt productivity hacks with practice and learn to cope better with very tight schedules and busy days.

Here are some hacks to help you improve your productivity:

Have a to-do list

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Make sure you organize and list all the tasks you wish to accomplish. You can write all the things you plan to do on a very small piece of paper and take the list along with you as you are working.

You can as well save the to-do list on your phone if you think it can’t be convenient for you to go around with paper.

Arrange all the tasks in the order which seems okay and stick firmly to it.

Having a list of tasks to follow will create a sense of urgency in you as you would want to complete the tasks on the list. This will also help to ensure you don’t forget any task at all.

Take away distractions and stay focused

Try as much as possible to eliminate all forms of distraction while working on a task. You may put off all the notifications on your computer and mobile phone while you deal with your tasks, in order to avoid distraction.

Try to work in a calm environment free from all forms of noise and activities that can distract you.

A well-focused mind thinks better and performs well.

Deliberately take short breaks

A break is very important after some hours of mental or physical activity.

A break helps your brain to relax and concentrate better by the time you resume the task. It’s also an opportunity to learn how to measure your productivity.

The break doesn’t have to be too long, 10 to 15 minutes break is enough after about 2 hours of work.


15 minutes of meditation can make your brain become very fresh, it can reset your mood and set you on a better thinking path.

A lot of people have been using meditation for a long time to freshen up the mind.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the yoga type. You can simply close your eyes and listen to a very cool music while you allow your mind to freely wander around.

Just make sure you relax your whole body and mind in the process.

Manage your time wisely

You should manage your time properly and do things in order of priority.

You should never waste time on any task and try as much as possible to avoid procrastination.

In order to make sure you do each task at the right time, you can assign a specific time to each task on your to-do list.

Never play away the time that is meant for working.

Take wise decisions promptly

You need to learn to make fast but wise decisions.

Decisions pertaining to resource usage, choice making and all others should never take too much of your time. And you should take such decisions thoughtfully as well.

Assuming you are at the point of giving your assignment to assignment writer, taking your decision shouldn’t take much of your time, especially if you are conversant with both options.  


As a result of the busy schedule which many of us have to face every day, life has become so dynamic. To know how to measure productivity is now a major challenge.

With the tips and productivity hacks discussed above, you will be able to improve your productivity and also measure it effectively.

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