Why is it important to learn humanities if you want to become an entrepreneur? Is there any connection between psychology and business? What will help you to understand people better? Here you will find answers to these questions.

What humanities are a must for a successful business?

It is clear that modern people have much more difficult needs and requirements. Maybe it had happened that way because of the constant rising of goods and staff great choice. Customers are not going to pay for low-quality clothes, cheap cosmetics or downscale products anymore.

Moreover, they demand a particular attitude from the side of a shop assistant: carefulness, helpfulness, understanding, and forbearance.

An ability to count money nowadays is not enough to run a successful business.

A good entrepreneur should not only know how to plan a budget or whether to expect a rise in the popularity of some goods, but also be able to understand the needs of a customer.

So, clear enough, an entrepreneur has to be aware of some humanities for a successful business. If you are one of them, you definitely have to find out more reasons for studying these subjects.

1. History: What has this subject to do with my business?

At first glance, there is no correlation between those different fields of human activity: business and history. However, without it, you won’t be able to understand the course of events in your country.

Moreover, having knowledge of history, you can weight up the pros and cons of the implementation of some reforms and foresee their consequences. In other words, these subjects give us information on the behavior of people and societies.

For example, a new reform dealing with your business area is going to be implemented, and because of history, you will know whether to maintain it on not.

One more positive side of knowing history is that it helps us to develop research skills so badly needed in business.

2. Social psychology: To engage people you should know people.

“An entrepreneur-sociopath” sounds strange. Therefore, social psychology will help you to choose the right behavior for a particular situation, especially if you deal with customers.

It will give you the knowledge on how to influence people’s decisions, how to divine intentions, what to say and how to act while negotiating, or how to lead and take care of your staff. These skills are available only for people learning at least the basic principles of social psychology.

For example, some quarrelsome customer comes to your shop. Because of knowing psychology you choose behavior and words which don’t irritate this person.

You offer things or services this customer will probably like and determine your next actions depending on his/her reaction. With the help of this subject, it is possible to play men rightly.

3. Jurisprudence.

Even if you are not going to be a lawyer, you have to be aware of laws.

Running a business is like walking on thin ice and knowledge is your emergency exit.

You never know what comes around the next corner. Gaining knowledge in jurisprudence makes you understand current and new laws and their functioning.

4. Philosophy: To be able to think equals success.

One of the benefits that philosophy brings is critical thinking.

An entrepreneur should always be able to size up the situation, find out right decisions and predict some developments.

Moreover, philosophy helps us to understand other perspectives for development and improve analytical skills. Cognitive psychology deals with an ability to think and make decisions, too.

5. Linguistics and languages: Successful communication.

Even if you are just an entrepreneur-beginner, you have to know at least one foreign language to communicate with clients, workers, suppliers or business partners.

Perhaps you begin with a small company, but in a couple of years, it might become a store chain. Therefore, you will deal with people speaking other languages.

It is possible to hire an interpreter but what for, if learning a foreign language is much more profitable? It will give you a deeper understanding of culture and improve your communication skills. You will understand what people of one or another country need and decide what you can offer them.

6. Religion: To be more flexible.

We live in a society practicing multifarious religions. Knowing some basic rules and traditions helps you to be able to communicate with different people.

This subject is particularly important if you are going to run a business abroad. In this case, you should know the cultural traditions and habits of people from other countries.

7. Visual studies: Arts + business.

To be an outstanding entrepreneur, you have to improve your creative skills.

Nowadays, a simple offer of some services or selling a good product is just not enough. It is necessary to find a way to be interesting to customers.

For example, your store has an eye-catching design, or you offer unusual services. The creation of a business idea needs a lot of imagination.

8. Literature: A wise entrepreneur is a successful one.

It is just perfect to be a professional reader even if you are not going to run a business. To be able to determine whether the book is valuable or not is quite a useful skill. But, for example, if you want to find a publishing house, you have at least be familiar with the literature.

9. Creative writing.

Are there any reasons to study creative writing? One of the benefits of this activity is the ability to express your thoughts correctly and convincingly, which is very important in the business world.

In addition, creative writing will broaden the horizons of your imagination and worldview. You will improve your speaking and writing skills, and it will definitely bear fruits for your business.

10. Communication studies: How to convince somebody.

Clear enough, an entrepreneur has to spend a lot of time in business negotiations. Therefore, it is quite important not to be confused and communicate ethically.

You can get these skills if you study communication. You will feel calm and control yourself while speaking with strangers and know how to avoid some awkward situations.

So becoming an entrepreneur is a highly sensitive task that demands wide knowledge of not only a business area or economics but also humanities.

You should know how to behave in particular situations. What to say, what manner of speaking to choose and how to make your business more interesting and profitable. Studying humanities brings all these skills.

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This article was written by Veronica Hunt, an EdTech expert and an experienced blogger. She sees her purpose in providing people with up-to-date info in the spheres of education and parenting.