Instagram has become one of the most used and powerful social media platforms in the past two years and has over 800 million active users to date, and this number is increasing with every passing day.

There are over 40 billion photos published on Instagram so far, and over 55 million photos are published every day.

For most of us IG is just a social media app where we express ourselves through the pictures. But for many people, Instagram is a business and a proper earning platform. And that’s the reason to write this article.

We are going to share some marketing strategies where you can not only gain followers on Instagram fast, but you can also improve your marketing strategy.

1. Hootsuite.

This is a platform for social media management, which makes it very easy for you to publish and schedule posts on the Instagram.

You can record your Instagram posts on this platform and Hootsuite will post them with you not being worried or forgetting to publish.

When you have scheduled your post, you can move on handling others social media marketing things, and when this app publishes your post, you will get a notification.

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2. Combin.

Combin is a very useful tool to gain followers on Instagram fast.

Combin’s powerful search tool lets you gain organic followers on your Instagram page and also enables you to find the accounts and posts of your targeted audience by many ways like hashtags, locations, among followers and commenter of your competitors.

I like this app a lot cause it’s really useful to gain organic followers.

3. LinkTree.

This is a free tool that enables you to optimize  your Instagram traffic.

Whether you are a blogger or an artist if you run a business or have a content platform. You can have one link in a bio on Instagram to gather all the content you’re driving followers too.

You can manage how that link works with a free tool. One bio link will help your followers find all of your recent content easily. And you can send your followers to different destinations, articles, web-stores, event pages, social causes, etc.

4. Boomerang.

Boomerang is a very well known app that got a lot of attention last year.

This is a free tool that let you create videos that attract a lot of audiences.

Having an appealing video with no voice can be very useful for the audience and can be a great marketing tool for your Instagram account.

5. Foursixty.

This is one of the most useful tools of Instagram that enables you to sell your products on Instagram, you must have seen a lot of selling sponsored posts on Instagram lately, this is what Foursixty does!

It enables you to sell your products by linking them to their product page (website, Facebook, etc.).

It also lets your customers add the products directly into the cart without having to browse the internet for the website.

6. Repost.

This is a free tool available in the app markets that enables you to repost on Instagram. It’s a very good marketing tool that lets you share your customer’s posts which means you appreciate their views and opinions.

It’s the purest marketing tool you can have, and you just have to click and share the post you want to share. Many businesses also use this tool as their “customer feedback.”

Instagram has become an essential and useful social media platform for the masses and you it’s not surprising how a large number of people have started using it as a social media marketing platform.

Any of these marketing mentioned above tools will help them get a strong brand image.

What other good marketing tools are you using?

Check out these Instagram tools that will help you to not only gain followers fast, but also improve your marketing strategy. #instagrammarketing #instagrammarketingtools #instagrammarketingtips #instagramtools #socialmediatips