This is a guest post by Julie Petersen.

We all make goals for our lives. However, only few of us fulfill these goals within the set timeframe.

As a matter of fact, the majority of people procrastinates and never come to the point where they have reached what they wanted. Unfortunately, for most of us, this just keeps happening, over and over again.

What you probably do not know is that this is not the universe’s fault. No one is trying to punish you. If you lack motivation, you are your own culprit.

Knowing this, you must take immediate action and find a way to motivate yourself. Here are some ideas that will help you achieve this.

1. Get Some Peer Pressure.

Tip 1: surround yourself with peers who pressure you to make a change.

According to researchers, peer pressure helps children gain motivation in school. Basically, adults are just big kids who also lack the motivation to get things done.

‘Us adults we have developed more focus than young children, but being an adult is often exhausting. It is exactly for this reason why we need the push from others, same as children do.’ – says Pam Spears, one of the writing experts from essay writing services.

2. Give Yourself a Reward.

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Tip 2: Treat yourself when you complete a step of your to-do list.

We all like rewards and hate penalties. However, when you have set a task for yourself, there is no one there to do either.

Basically, you have no one to keep you motivated.

So, give yourself a reward after every accomplishment, even the smallest ones. It does not have to be a big award. Something as small as your favorite chocolate or a night off can often do wonders for your motivation.

3. Do Nothing.

Tip 3: Stop doing what you are doing and just DO NOTHING

This tip probably sounds even more ridiculous than the previous one. But it is often the best thing you can do for your lack of motivation. People often lack motivation because they are overwhelmed and tired, which is why taking some time off is always the best solution.

4. Take Control.

Tip 4: Take control over your negative feelings

In most cases, procrastination is a result of negative feelings. Take for example, students. If they are in a bad mood because of too many assignments, lack of time, or any other factor, they cannot study.

What many fail to admit is that the bad feelings are actually their own fault. Even though we cannot anticipate or avoid certain unhappy moments in life, we can actually take control over our negative thoughts most of the time.

5. Clean Up.

Tip 5: Get rid of all distractions in your environment.

De-cluttering your surrounding can turn a bad atmosphere into the perfect place to do your task in. Even if you do not recognize it, clutter in the surrounding can seriously ruin your motivation and influence your mind. The less dirty and distracting your surrounding is, the better and more motivated you will feel.

6. Pinpoint the Good Things.

Tip 6: Ask yourself ‘What is good right now?’

This can apply to your life in general or the day you are living in. Take a small amount of time every day to find the beauty of the day. To build awareness of the positive things, you can even go further and create a list.

7. Play Online Games.

Tip 7: Play online games to reduce stress and gain ability to concentrate.

Many people say that playing games is actually bad for us, but this only applies for cases of people who play games too often. According to researchers, playing online games does not make you avoid physical activities. If you take some time of your day to play online games, you can actually gain focus and reduce the stress that keeps motivation away from you.

8. Improve Your Appearance.

Tip 8: Improve your appearance to boost your self-esteem.

You may think this is completely irrelevant to your motivation, but you are wrong. If you make even the smallest changes in your appearance and take the time to make yourself prettier, this can do wonders for your self-esteem and determination.

9. Face Your Fears.

Tip 9: Write down your biggest fears and start facing them.

Fear is often a cause for lack of motivation, but what if we told you that you could turn this fear into productivity? If you take the time to determine and face your fears, you can actually turn this culprit into power..

10. Stop Caring.

Tip 10: Become more immune to what others think.

If you face this problem too often, you need to stop caring about what others think of you. People can help you become more motivated, but they can also make it impossible for you to get things done.

Instead of trying to make everyone happy, stop caring and focus on making yourself happy.