All successful people have taken the time somewhere at the beginning of their journey to sit down, take some serious decisions, realize what they want and don’t want, and set the right goals that will take them to the ideal lifestyle.

To live your destiny, you need to be doing what you’re supposed to do, to master what you’re good at, change the things you believe in, form meaningful relationships, live your days consciously, be truly grateful, and aim higher all the time.

Finding a life purpose, however, isn’t something the average person is good at doing. That’s usually because he lives in denial, is afraid to leave the comfort zone and put effort into making a big change, and makes excuses.

As a result, he keeps himself busy all day doing unimportant stuff, isn’t satisfied with his life, and rarely feels appreciation, happiness or succeeds in any way.

To get out of the average trap, you need to find your purpose. As a result, you’ll live your destiny.

That can happen any day, so don’t consider it too late, regardless of your age, skills, profession, lack of resources, or else.

Here are some ways to live a more fulfilling life:

1. Go to a life-changing event.

What better way to understand the psychology of success, together with how every small decision we take in daily life affects our destiny than to hear it from the experts themselves.

Tony Robbins is usually the first one that comes to mind when talking about a self-help and business guru. He’s transformed the mindsets and lives of millions of people all over the world, he talks with passion, reveals universal truths we often remain blind for and has coached anyone from Fortune 500 CEOs and heads of state, to Olympic athletes.

People often say that they never felt so alive than they did while listening to his words. At the Date with Destiny event, for instance, you can see what Tony calls ‘immersion’ – experiencing and witnessing massive breakthroughs in real life situations. So it’s not just theory he focuses on.

If you’re surrounded by average people, have a regular job and feel like you should be doing something more with your life, you probably need someone to tell you to unleash your potential, and show you how to do it, like Tony Robbins.

2. Try things.

what successful people when they wake up in the early morning and before breakfast

You can stay at home all day, every day and make plans for the future or wonder what your life purpose is, but to really live your destiny, you need to experience stuff and see what feels right.

So go out and visit new places, meet with people, do what feels scary or uncomfortable, work on new business ideas, give new sports and hobbies a try.

Each of these helps you grow as a person and learn valuable skills. And somewhere along the way, you’ll notice how doing something, in particular, makes you full of energy, you focus more easily, can do it effortlessly, and lose track of time when concentrated only on it.

That’s probably something you’re passionate about. Your true calling is the thing you enjoy doing, and which comes naturally to you. It’s also part of your path in life and must be pursued.

When you make it a daily thing, get better at it, see how you can use your talents to help others and even turn it into your career, that’s when you’ll live your destiny.

You can also try things that will help you align your purpose with the universe and become self-aware. That could be by exploring numerology and understanding the spiritual meaning of numbers., for example. Find more information about the connection between numbers and your destiny here.

3. Listen to your guts.

Most of the things from daily life are distractions.

Just think about it. Other people are constantly interrupting you when you’re working, they talk about their problems, some of them are quite negative and complain all the time, and that has a bad influence on your too.

The job you’re working sucks the life out of you, you have no opportunity to grow there, lead a sedentary life, are in an unfriendly environment and are being treated with disrespect. With all these negative emotions in your head all the time as a result of working 5 days a week, you have no peace of mind and desire to think about what else you should be doing with your life.

That’s why it’s worth listening to your heart. It knows best and it can help you find and live your destiny. You just need to ignore all the distractions, negativism, random thoughts and anything that others are telling you.

Turn to your inner self. Ask yourself what in your current life you’re not happy with, how you can begin changing today, what you loved doing as a child but gave up on when you entered the adult world, what things you secretly dream about but never say out loud, etc.

Get it all out. Write it down if you have to. The written word is powerful. You may come to some pretty interesting conclusions.

Don’t put off finding your life purpose anymore. Give these 3 ideas a try and see what works best for you.

Any other ideas on how to change for the better and live your destiny?