It’s an unfortunate fact that 80% of New Year’s resolutions actually fail. But this might be the case because the goals are too lofty to be reached within a few months.

Things like learning a new language or losing weight require a lot of dedication and time, and certainly can’t be done before the end of January!

However, if you’re careful with the goals you choose after the New Year, then you can reach them easily and effectively with just a little bit of effort.

1. Transform your hair

Our hair is important for us, but we shouldn’t treat it as completely sacred.

Having the nerve to cut your hair short or dye it a different color will pay off in the end, as you can completely switch up your look and have a new type of confidence.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go blond? Or maybe shave one side of your hair?

Doing something new with your locks is such a refreshing move and gives everyone around you a new perspective. Hair grows back, but not taking the chance to transform it is a missed opportunity.

2. Plan more weekend getaways

We all know that overseas holidays can be stressful to plan: where to go, what time of year, which is the cheapest flight, what will the weather be like, is it safe to go?

One option for letting off steam in the new year is to simply take more weekend holidays.

If you live in New York, for example, take a weekend trip to Boston and experience a new city for a short amount of time. It’s a refreshing change that’s far cheaper and not exhausting or as demanding like an overseas holiday.

3. Be the one who texts first

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Many times in life, we miss out on meeting people simply because we don’t want to be the one who always texts first.

The problem is that many of us are like this, which means that everyone is always waiting for someone else to arrange a coffee or cinema date.

Be more proactive in your relationships with your family, friends, and partner, and you’ll find that your social life is far better.

4. Stop looking at your phone so much

An easy one, but very significant. Next time you’re at a train station or airport, look around you and see just how many people are simply staring at their phones and tapping mindlessly.

We rely on these gadgets far too much and it’s often unhealthy.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are addictive. But you don’t need to check your account three times an hour for new content.

Put it away, and listen to music or a podcast, or simply gaze around you and daydream.

We are losing our imagination when we always rely on technology to provide entertainment!

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5. Try more puzzles and brainteasers

Finally, give your brain more than reality TV and memes to soak up – actually challenge it!

We’re not talking about silly BuzzFeed quizzes either, try a real online quiz about general knowledge every day and get smarter.

Our brains need to be tested and learn new things! You could also visit trivia nights in your local area and make it a weekly meetup with friends, then you get a social activity and brainteasers at the same time.