80% of New Year’s Resolutions Fail. Here’s What to Do About It

80% of New Year’s Resolutions Fail. Here’s What to Do About It

A popular research shared by USNews found that only 20% of New Year’s Resolutions succeed. Let’s not talk about the why behind this failure rate, but try to find a way to do it right this year.

What can we do to set better goals, be more mindful, invest enough time and effort in it but not get overwhelmed at the same time, and be disciplined and consistent?

Here are the action steps:

1. Keep things simple.

Forget about bucket lists, forget about huge goals, forget about quick results, and fixing all areas of your life at once. All that leads to 0% progress. Instead, you want to be of the 20% of people who succeed with their new year’s resolutions.

2. Wrong expectations.

While I’m often again expectations in general as they have only made my personal growth journey harder over the years, you can have them sometimes. But they should be the right ones. And having the wrong type of expectations will lead to failure.

3. Mindfulness.

The next thing you can do to see success with your resolutions in 2018 is mindfulness.

What I mean is, we rush into things, we never slow down to enjoy the little wins. We want more, we don’t set the right intention or have a purpose, we don’t practice acceptance and gratitude. All these make our path much more difficult. And they can all go away if we’re mindful enough.

4. Get specific.

If your goal isn’t clearly defined, then you won’t achieve what you really want in the new year.

5. Trust yourself more.

Self-care is part of self-improvement. But often, people start being harsh to themselves, they expect more than they can do in a short period of time, then they feel bad about not achieving exactly what they intended to.

You need to relax, to give yourself some credit, enjoy the process and smile for the little achievements.

If you don’t do that, all this would be another thing you do in life filled with pressure and unpleasant emotions. So you’d just want to get it done. But that’s not the mindset you should have to succeed with your new year’s resolutions.

Building self-trust won’t happen in a day, but there’s a peaceful and easy way to get closer to that state. It’s by being kind to yourself.

6. Be passionate about the change you’re making.

One of the reasons why you’re part of the 80% that fail with new year’s resolutions is that you aren’t passionate about what you’re going after. But without passion, why do it in the first place?

Not only should businesses be built on passion and relationships started because of that, but the same goes for any goal you set. Especially a big one like a New Year’s resolution.

The aspect of life it’s related to must be something you deeply care about. Only this way can you be strong enough and consistent to keep doing it till you see results coming.

Another thing you can do to make sure your efforts are effective is to have a reason to do what you’re about to do.

I believe these 6 things are enough to help you try a new way to do new year’s resolutions and make 2018 better.

There are other reasons why 80% of people fail with that, and there are more actions to be taken to get in the right direction. But all that was included in this list somehow covers it all.

Don’t end 2017 the ordinary way. Do some brainstorming to find something you really want to dedicate time to in January. Make a plan. Keep it simple when setting it as a goal. Prepare. Then be ready to have fun while you’re achieving it.

That’s how you do New Year’s resolutions right.

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