Meditation Mentality: Why Meditation Helps Heal

Stress is often a result of going back to the past, not being okay with the present, or worrying about the future. 

If you seem to be more stressed due to the crisis, you might want to check out the following techniques for managing stress. They are simple, can be started right now, and will give you the peace, freedom and contentment you’re looking for.


In order to be able to really focus on what you’re doing at this moment – whether it’s working, studying, communicating, reading, watching a movie, walking, driving, eating, meditating, etc. – you’ll need to do one thing at a time.

Do you ever wonder why some people look so busy on the streets? 

It’s not because they are actually doing important stuff all the time. More often it’s because they have tens of tasks each day (most of which don’t really need to be done), have no time for all of them and are always in a hurry, and do at least two things at a time (like drinking coffee, talking on the phone, reading the newspaper and thinking about the meeting they have in an hour) which results in bad performance.

They are not efficient or concentrated, and waste too much time, energy and efforts on leading that lifestyle.

But a person who has decided to work on his habits, change the way he looks at things and wants to simplify his life, would choose to do just one thing at a time, but do it with all his attention.

Single-tasking lets you get stuff done, be present and have a great result. It allows you to become one with your current activity, without comparing it to what you’ve done before or worrying that you won’t have enough time to finish it. Distractions like that are unnecessary. 


Another way to deal with the stress of daily life in crisis is to notice every detail that’s a part of this moment.

Look around. If you’re working from home, for instance, feel your breath, pay attention to the thoughts that come into your mind, hear the noises around you.

When you’re out, see the people passing by, walk mindfully and focus on every step you make.

You can do this with every activity in your day. Drinking coffee, eating, talking to a friend, brushing your teeth, etc.

It’s an easy and great way to become aware of what’s in front of you and to experience it. Researches have found that mindfulness helps you ease anxiety and manage your stress levels.

Go slowly

Slow down. You’ve got time.

Start doing the things you do in a new way – by noticing them, appreciating them, doing what needs to be done without any fast movements, not jumping from one task to another but slowly finishing one and then moving on.

Eating more slowly will let you enjoy the food and really taste it; walking in the nature more slowly will help you breathe the fresh air, feel the smells and noises around you.


To meditate is to simply sit down and be present. Nothing more.

But almost no one can do it from scratch. That’s because we’re so used to having tens of thoughts in our heads each second and think about everything else but this moment.

So in order to meditate, which will then bring you peace and happiness, you’ll need to let go of all that planning, judgment, comparison, memories, goals, visions, ideals, etc.

You’ll need to simplify things as much as you can.

Then breathe deeply and empty your mind. That’s when you’ll feel freer than ever.

Try therapy

Another thing you can do to manage stress during a crisis such as the pandemic is to talk to an expert. Therapy is available in all forms thanks to technology. 

You might want to give phone counseling a chance, for example. Many people agree it’s even more effective than face to face therapy. There’s no commuting, no need to leave home and be around people, and because it’s only on the phone there’s a certain level of anonymity which might make you more comfortable to open up to the specialist you’re talking to.

You can find more information about phone therapy here:


Get rid of everything that’s not important in the present moment, ignore all distractions, forget the past, don’t think about the future. 

Nothing else exists but you, what’s happening right now and this moment. So be here, live it, and make the best of it.

Over to you now. What seems to be causing stress in your life right now? Which exact aspects of the crisis bother you the most, and what can you do to manage that stress?