5 Reasons Mornings Are The Most Inspiring Part of The Day 84

mornings - the most inspiring part of the day

The morning is the best time of the day, and if you start using it more wisely and making the best of it, your life will change dramatically.

Nothing beats waking up early, having time for yourself, dedicating it to your morning routine and activities like reading and writing, having a healthy breakfast and cup of coffee, a quick workout and planning out the following day.

If you’ve wondered why so many successful people choose to wake up earlier than they have to, and why you should start doing the same, here are the main reasons:

What Makes The Early Morning The Most Inspiring Time of the Day

1. It’s time only for yourself.

Often people get to be by themselves and do whatever they feel like only in the early hours of the day.

After that, everyone else wakes up, notifications and tasks start coming up from everywhere, the daily problems and worries occur, and in a nutshell – life happens.

And that usually brings stress.
But if you wake up earlier in order to have more “me” time, you’ll take everything that happens later in the day with less stress.

2. The early morning is peaceful.

There’s silence, and no one else is up to disturb you.

Also, your phone won’t ring, you’re not missing out on anything simply because the day hasn’t officially started yet. You don’t have any task to do right now and can dedicate the time to some pleasant activities.

All that brings such peace to your life. It starts with the morning, but then you carry it throughout the whole day with you.

3. You don’t need to be in a hurry.

Getting up earlier and having more time means not rushing out the door, not being late and forgetting stuff.

Just the contrary – it gives you time to drink your coffee slowly, to write or read or listen to music, or to just do nothing and enjoy the silence.

Whatever it is you decide to do first thing in the morning, you can enjoy it, experience it by being mindful of your current activity and doing it slowly.

4. The time before dawn is magical.

The early morning itself is inspiring. There’s just something about it that can’t be explained.

It’s mainly the peace and silence that can only be found there, but also the fact that the whole world is getting up, preparing for a new day, and that you just woke up and your mind is susceptible to everything you engage it in.

5. Fill that time with creative activities.

It’s no coincidence that most writers prefer to write early in the morning, and create their best work as a result of that.
There’s the solitude and inspiration needed for the job, and even if you’re not a writer, you can take advantage of that.

Do some reading. Open a blog that motivates you to take action, go through your favorite books, read quotes or poetry. Whatever it is that puts you in the mood to then enjoy the whole day, smile for no reason and appreciate and enjoy the present moment.

Mornings are the perfect time for writing morning pages.

Take a pen or open your laptop and share what’s on your mind, journal your thoughts, write down 5 things you’re thankful for and what will make today great.

How you start your day matters. What you do first thing in the morning affects how your day will end too.

So make the best of it. Use that extra hour or two to take things slowly, to get inspired, to plan things out and prepare mentally for the day, and to drink your cup of coffee in peace. You can also devote this extra time to hustling on your side business project.

Simply turn your morning into a pleasant ritual of positivity, creativity and peace.

What do you think?
What other inspiring activities can you add to your mornings so that you can enjoy them even more?

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7 Quick Tips on How to Be More Successful in Everyday Life 6

If Life Were a Game, What Would Your Score Be? [FREE 10 Minute Assessment]

Everyone dreams about being successful. But what is success?

For you, it could be building a company, getting promoted at work, generating wealth, or more humble ambitions, such as being the best parent or partner. While success looks different to each person, we all have an innate desire to achieve.

No matter how you define success as an individual, here are some habits you can adopt to become more successful in everyday life.

1. Be Focused.

There are distractions all around us, from social media and smartphones to friends and family. While everyone needs some ‘me time,’ to be successful, you also need focus. As such, cut out distractions and set aside time to work towards your goal.

Remember: There is always something productive you can do.

2. Aim to Learn.

It can be easy to get hung up results but being successful is about more than the outcome. The key to being truly successful is about learning. This allows you to grow and adapt, changing your approach and leading to improvements. As such, make learning a goal. This will also help to keep you motivated, too.

3. Be Prepared.

Being prepared is essential to increase the chance of success. This can be applied to almost any situation. Whether you are expecting your first baby, have an upcoming exam or interview, or are considering CFD trading, all require research and preparation.

4. Stop the Excuses.

When something goes wrong, it can be easy to dig your head in the sand, but this is not a habit of a successful person. Instead, take responsibility. Stop your excuses, work on your weaknesses and make improvements. The onus is on you to be successful so step up, set challenges and drive yourself forward.

5. Be Happy.

You may be focussed on earning more money, or you may have a goal to buy a flash car. But if you’re working a job you cannot stand, putting in too many hours and sacrificing time with the ones you love, you could quickly start to feel miserable.

Increase your happiness and make it a marker of your success, even if it takes longer to achieve your goals.

6. Feel Grateful.

Success is often less about material possessions or goals than it is about changing our perceptions.

This is why it is important to start recognizing the good things around you. Recognise and feel grateful for what you already have and you will soon feel very successful indeed.

7. Start Failing.

This may seem counterintuitive, but failure is a big part of success. It helps to highlight the things we do not want and essentially provides clarity. A little failure never hurt anyone. After all, no one has ever become successful without first experiencing failure.