When was the last time you came to a realization that was so important and powerful that it made you do something about yourself, your life or others right away?

I’m sure we’ve all had such moments.

The good thing about them is their power. When you realize something crucial that has always been in front of your eyes, for example, you feel such strong feelings and immediately start doing something about that. And most of the times, you change things for the better.

Unfortunately, such moments are quite rare these days. The reason is mainly mediocrity and living in the comfort zone. Because you can be sure that no realizations, and no actions actually, will even happen there.

But a long time ago I understood an interesting fact – you can experience such epiphanies that will eventually change the course of your life whenever you want. That can happen by being constantly exposed to the lies around you, by trying to grow spiritually, going beyond average and seeking change.

For instance, I’ve had many powerful realizations myself by just reading books or blogs written by the people who had them in the first place.
And the sooner you become aware of such things, the better.

Here are some of the most important ones. Some of them are obvious, we have heard of them many times and may sound like nothing special, but there are so many people out there that live in denial. And truly grasping the things listed below will be a huge step forward in your personal development.

1. Our time is limited.

Saying Yes to Less: The Art of Being Selective When It Comes to Your Time and Life

In some situations we have a lot of time in front of us. But most of the time we don’t have much of it. And yet we live like it’s unlimited.

Many people live in regrets because they realize that when it’s too late. But the only time when it’s too late is on your deathbed.

You can start doing whatever you’ve always wanted right now. Eliminate all the self-limiting beliefs, the limitations you set yourself, the fear of failure and all the excuses.

What I’m saying here may be a bit controversial because you have and you don’t have enough time at the same time. Because you need to believe that you can still chase your dreams, starting now. But your time is limited so don’t put it off for later as it usually never comes.

2. Death is inevitable.

It’s one of the most negative things to think about but we need to be realistic at some point. Let go of self-denial and fear, and embrace this fact. It will help you live the rest of your life appreciating every moment and making the most of it.

Here is what Johnny B. Truant says in How to Be Legendary:

“Most people spend most of their time pretending that they will never die. Most people waste a month doing something meaningless and figure, “Oh well, Iʼll try something different next month,” as if the supply of months was neverending and they hadnʼt just used one up that theyʼd never get back.

A person who was very aware of his or her mortality would never piss away hours, minutes, or seconds. We all know the cliche of the man who discovers he has six weeks to live, and who suddenly discovers that sunsets are beautiful. Then, because itʼs fiction and someone gets to write the outcome, the man usually lives and continues his life with a new appreciation of what it is to be alive.

Itʼs the very realization of his mortality that makes him appreciate each sunset, each moment he has with his family, every chance he has to make a difference.”

3. Almost anything is possible.

Without even knowing what it’s all about, I can simply say that people are wrong 90% of the times they say something is impossible. And they say it a lot.

We want things to be easy, we want fast results and preferably to have them without hard work, or any work at all. That’s why most people fail, or don’t even try. And they think the few that are successful, wealthy and seem to have it all, are just lucky.

But that’s not true.

There are so many examples of people around us – young and old – who have got to the top although they started from nothing.

We need to realize that almost all the things we could ever wish for are possible. Life is full of opportunities and we need to just get out there and take chances every single day.

Success is absolutely achievable and there are fundamental things to know and steps to take. Being confident in your abilities, knowing what you want, having a definite desire and thinking of a way to make it a reality, being able to go the extra mile and make sacrifices, this is a sure way to have it all.

Here is what Johnny thinks:

“You will never be able to do anything as long as you think itʼs impossible, but the good news is that very little is impossible. It is, given our current understanding of physics, impossible to be in two different places at once. THAT is what “impossible” means.”

4. Being normal simply means being average and doing what others think is right and that is not how you will succeed.

Johnny summarizes it perfectly again:

“Nobody is completely normal. The very idea of a “normal person” is ridiculous, yet weʼre constantly steering toward it. Weʼre slaves to it.

When we want to do something, we weigh it against whatʼs normal before deciding whether or not to do it — what society expects, what our friends would accept, what our mothers would approve of. But nobody — anywhere — is “normal.” “Normal” is the most abnormal thing you could ever be.

Legendary people have to be different and break norms in order to be Legendary. If you want to be one of those people, you must be willing to do the same.

You have spent your whole life pursuing and being guided by something that doesnʼt exist.

Iʼd stop doing that if I were you.”

These are just a few of all the lies we live in. It’s up to you whether you’ll confront them now and try to get out of the trap of conventional wisdom or will stay average for the rest of your life.

These simple realizations make sense and you know they are true. But you can continue denying them if you want, then everything will remain the same and you will never live your legend and become the person you could have been.

Or you can do something about it right away. Start by just keeping in mind the four statements I just shared with you and your view of the world will soon change.

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