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What’s a dream job like? Ask any remote worker and the response would be “Flexible work hours, Great pay and the freedom to work when you want.”

What has made this possible? The simple answer would be – Technology. 

With our increased dependency on technology, even the most trivial aspects of life have been automated or made easy through apps and softwares. This technology boom has also helped fuel the remote working culture.

So much so, that even the most traditional of organizations are looking to tap the global talent pool, through this modern working style. 

However, like any emerging trend, remote working also has its share of naysayers who’ve debated its effectiveness in terms of productivity and quality of work.

With this article, we’ll try and put to rest these notions about remote working and suggest ways to achieve maximum efficiency. Keep reading to know more. 

Get Technology on Your Side

We mentioned how technology has become the driving force behind the emerging remote working trend. With the use of advanced applications like a remote white board or online collaboration tools, telecommuting workers get the advantage of working from the location of their choice.

Having this sort of technology to back up their skills, workers can contribute to a project’s success, even when they’re not together. 

Modern remote teams have effectively learned ways to harness technology in their favor. By using online applications that enable collaboration, teams can get quality work done with minimum fuss.

A good collaboration platform facilitates effective brainstorming, proper scheduling, seamless resource sharing and uninterrupted communication. With all these aspects taken care of, any remote team can become more efficient and achieve targets with total ease. 

Create a dedicated workspace

Everyone agrees that remote working provides flexibility to work the way one wants. However, with this level of freedom, team members can veer off course and lose focus on the task at hand.

An excellent way to avoid this situation is by creating a space at home that enables focussed working.

Some simple changes, like installing a desk along with an ergonomically designed chair, will give you the sense of working from an office. With an ‘office’ like setup, you can stay active for longer durations and effectively get more work done. 

Stick to a schedule

Yes, this seems like a no brainer, but with remote working, adhering to a plan can be difficult.

Imagine working from home and being constantly interrupted by family members. To avoid this situation, it is important to create a schedule that you and your family agree upon.

With this clarity, you can expect fewer interruptions and apply your mind to work in a better way. 

Another schedule that should be taken care of is your task schedule. If working on a big project, there is a likelihood of multiple team members working on tasks at the same time.

To avoid confusion, there should be a detailed Team Task Board that lists ongoing tasks with their date of delivery. A real time remote white board can come in handy for creating such a board that keeps team members updated at all times. 


Remote teams often cite poor communication between team members as the biggest reason for delays. By using an advanced online collaboration application, this problem can be dealt with effectively.

A state-of-the-art remote whiteboard with features like audio and video conferencing, in-built chat, annotations and screen sharing will provide uninterrupted communication channels for team members to express their opinions freely. 

With effective communication, work can be delegated accurately and gradually, results will start getting better with improved quality. 


Technology has always been the cornerstone of all emerging work trends.

Remote working has flourished with the help of advanced remote white board tools that help teams get more out of each collaboration. Keep these points in mind for your next remote project, and you’re sure to achieve higher productivity and improved quality.