How to Spice Up Your Home Office on The Cheap and Make It More Creative

Your home office is where the magic happens every morning. So you need to feel at ease, have a focused mind the moment you sit on your chair and open up your laptop. And be able to spend hours there without getting bored or lacking motivation to get things done.

To guarantee you’re doing your best every day, let’s spice things up. Your workspace should be used for business only. But there are also some little changes you can make, design ideas you can give a try, and desk hacks you can implement, to boost the creative energy.

Let’s see how to turn your home office into a creativity and productivity sanctuary:

1. Keep it minimal.

First and foremost, get rid of clutter. That could be items on your desk you don’t use but which have always been there. Too many folders, sheets, pens, notepads, etc.

You can even decide to go paperless, although that might not be an easy thing if you’re used to writing things down and have notepads everywhere.

Dedicate a weekend to decluttering your home office. For each item, ask yourself if it’s something you use daily. If that happens just every now and then, it doesn’t need to be in a visible place.

The point is to stick to the basics. It’s proven that an organized desk leads to better productivity.

2. Add greenery.

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Plants in the office will immediately change the whole atmosphere. It’s a good design idea too.

They make the air cleaner, give you an energy boost, are pleasant to look at, and give your desk a much fresher look.

3. Personalize your home office.

Here are some fun ways to decorate your creative space, feel like at home, and also keep things professional and business-oriented at the same time:

  • Add wall art (but keep this minimal too);
  • A photo or two of your loved ones would be a great addition to your desk;
  • Make business cards if you haven’t already, and keep them in a drawer nearby;
  • Get a coffee mug with a motivational quote;
  • Order a custom mouse pad;
  • Get creative with your desktop background;
  • Consider refurbished laptops to save money;
  • Choose colorful office supplies;
  • Spray paint things that look old and cheap to give them a fresh look;
  • Add your initials here and there.

All this will make you smile every time you enter the place. Your mind will be calm and ready to concentrate on what’s important.

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4. Have a vision board.

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A whiteboard might be one of the most practical things for your home office space, as it can be used for many purposes but only takes vertical space.

The easiest way to make the most of this little helper is to write down your tasks for the day, or jot down ideas that you’ll come back to later. But it can be about more than that.

This can be your visualization board. As you may know, this is the practice of imagining your goals and dreams as if they are already true. It’s a fantastic way to use the law of attraction and be inspired to take action to get closer to these objectives. Ultimately, such a vision, when it gets to your subconscious mind, can help you reach all your business goals.

But you can just use the vision board for daily inspiration. Add quotes, photos, fancy calendars and notes.

If you’re wondering what you can add to it, let that be the things you should stay focused on and what you want to achieve in the near future. Here’s how to create such a board for your workplace at home.

5. Get comfy.

Before anything else, you must feel comfortable there. Of course, that begins with your chair. However, if you’re on a tight budget, there are other ways to spice things up.

Get a special pillow and add it behind your back.

Have a DIY standing desk by putting books under your computer.

Make sure the top of your monitor is at the level of your eyes. And keep it 20-30 inches away from you. This, together with regulating text size, screen brightness and even color temperature, will help you stay away from eye strain.

These home office ideas should be enough to let you give your workplace a makeover on the cheap.

Any other smart and easy ways to spice up your home office?

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