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Did you know that your business could stand to lose out on a potentially large online market base if you do not set up a website?

Trends and market research suggest that more people are doing business online. Even though this is largely limited to retail purchases, the potential for the internet as a medium for business is quickly being realized.

Since 2012, the revenues from online business have more than tripled and now stand at a few billion dollars. 

The internet business boom is not limited to ecommerce alone. Of the 4 billion internet users, over 3 billion keep in touch with their favorite brands through social media and directly from the brand website.

Businesses have also reported a marked increase in customer service requests over the internet, and many have created an active platform for help online.

WordPress is the biggest CMS on the internet. It is popular with individuals and brands, and has been used to develop some of the most popular websites on the web.

It is an open source platform that continues to attract website owners, especially those who are looking to promote their brand online. These are few reasons why WordPress can be the best platform for your brand’s website.

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1. It keeps improving.

WordPress has a large number of freelance and in-house developers who come up with a variety of tools and themes that help to improve the operation and appearance of users’ websites, as well as their security.

The platform is free and open source, which means it can be tweaked and changed to suit user needs. This aspect of perpetual improvement is underscored by the regular updates provided for the core code, themes and plugins.

The updates are designed to remove any vulnerability, as well as fix bugs that may affect the effectiveness of these tools.

For optimum security and performance, you can hire dedicated WordPress professional service providers such as WPFixs recommend that you constantly update these aspects of your website.

2. Complete control of your content.

You do not need to wait for specific times to publish your content on the platform. It features scheduled posts, which help users take advantage of traffic blocks.

By being able to layout your posts long before they are posted, you will be able to tweak every aspect to make them more appealing to your audience. Scheduled posts will help you take advantage of high traffic, even when this time could be an inconvenience for you.

Besides scheduling posts for weeks in advance, which will also ensure consistency on your website, you can publish posts immediately.

WordPress allows you full control over your posting. It also has a mobile application that can be used on Smartphones and tablets, which can be used to make posts from anywhere.

On WordPress, you also own all your content, which ensures that you will be protected from copyright infringement.

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3. Complete freedom to choose.

There are many decisions you will have to make when setting up your website. You will need to consider the best hosting service provider, an ideal set of plugins and themes, as well your preferred website and layout.

While these may attract high premiums on other platforms, WordPress has a number of options under each of these features that can be accessed for free.

You will only need to spend when you choose to do so. For brands with a limited expense allocation, this is the best available platform to build your website. Unlike other platforms, you are not expressly bound to these options and can change them whenever you like.

Its popularity has dictated supply, with all providers of these services offering specialized services for WordPress that ensure quick transition. you will not even experience a downtime when switching between web hosts, which is unique to WordPress websites.

4. It is not just a blog.

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WordPress initially started as a blogger platform, with few options in terms of scalability. However, as more developers stared to create different plugins, it evolved into an outright website builder.

Many people and brands use the popular platform for their websites. It has evolved into the biggest CMS online, allowing users to build blog websites, interactive brand pages, social media, forums and e-commerce pages.

The variety has helped attract more website owners to build their own websites through the platform, with WordPress now hosting a third of all pages on the internet.

Its constant evolution is one of the biggest draw factors, with recent inclusions of social media integration helping make it easy for visitors to engage and keep in touch with different websites.

Some plugins even allow websites to post user reviews and testimonials, which helps create a great reputation and win over more followers.

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5. The plugin options.

Your website is bound to be very limited if you cannot integrate it with specific tools to offer a range of features. Plugins make your website more dynamic, helping to create an ideal website and attract even more users.

WordPress’ popularity has pushed more developers to come up with plugins that offer necessary features. On WordPress, you can find a plugin for virtually any aspect of your website’s operations.

With the right plugin options, you could send out emails and newsletters to interested users without having to do it manually. You could monitor your security levels and be alerted of any threat instantly.

You could even create a membership service for any non-tangible service with the right plugins. You need to understand what a plugin offers your website before adding it to your array.

Some plugins may have similar functions, which could create redundancy. Choosing the necessary plugins only will reduce the weight of your page, which will make it easier to load and could result in a higher SEO ranking.

Understanding the right plugins for use will also help protect your brand’s website from potential attacks by hackers. These attackers will use outdated or malicious plugins to gain access to your website, and could redirect traffic or even engage in identity and financial fraud.