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My first ever hosting provider was Bluehost, due to the fact that their name was everywhere and most people consider them the best company for those just starting out with their blog and website.

That was the case for me ever since I bought a domain name, switched from to and started running a self-hosted site.

The site grew later on in terms of traffic, number of plugins I was using and all the content that takes up space on the server. So I switched to a more expensive package.

Did it again last year as I wanted a dedicated server, one only for myself which means an extra security layer. That was a total of $474.20 per year, although the traffic I have isn’t much compared to other bigger sites.

Why I Decided It’s Time for a New Hosting Provider

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Don’t get me wrong, Bluehost manage 2 million domains all over the world, which makes them one of the largest web hosts available today, So they must be doing many things right.

While it’s okay to start with them, to grow with them, to manage all your niche sites with them, or just let them host the platform for your online business, if you’re trying to build an authoritative site and all your focus is on it, it’s time to switch to another provider.

That’s because you’d want access to great support. And one of the disadvantages of Bluehost is that they don’t have enough people on their team (although that’s a huge team, of course) to talk to all their customers.

They keep concentrating on landing new clients. Although they constantly optimize the support process, it’s still not something I enjoyed doing.

I was put on hold all the time, one department was taking me to another then I waited 15 minutes more. I often ended up explaining the same thing to 5 people so they can catch up. Every time they welcomed me with the fact that they are helping other customers at the same time so I might need to wait a bit.

Let’s say it like that: contacting their support (even when it was absolutely necessary!) was something I tried to avoid as much as possible.

However, as the beginning of 2018 marks the new era for Let’s Reach Success (moved my online business to the Netherlands, stopped the podcast, got a new premium theme, etc.), hosting was something I wanted to upgrade too. You can see my progress in my income reports too.

After a careful research, asking people, and doing some thinking, I found the one host I wanted to work with – WPX Hosting. Here’s what happened next.

My First Impression of WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is almost always on any list of best managed WordPress hosting providers, but they are not the only one. I checked their site and liked what I saw.

What I consider a game-changer happened while I was browsing the page with their packages wondering whether I need the Business or Professional plan.

I wasn’t sure what the bandwidth and space numbers included, so decided to leave that decision for another time. But that’s when a chat box opened and I was welcomed by a guy from the team who offered to answer any questions I had about the plans.

Well, that’s exactly the kind of a question I had.

wpx hosting packages

So we had a quick chat and I asked a few other questions that I had in mind. Smooth communication, eagerness to help, clear explanations, and more was when I realized that was one of the best support experiences I’ve ever had.

It was after that, that I realized WPX hosting was most popular not for its fast and reliable hosting, but the amazing 24/7 support that everyone seemed to be happy with.

All reviews I found online talked about this and there was not a single disadvantage when it came to the WPX support.

Since then and before actually purchasing, I contacted them a few more times, had a chat with 4-5 people, and each time it was the same great experience.

wpx hosting fastest support

I was sold.

A few days later, I purchased the Business plan with a monthly subscription, and then requested the free migration they offer to anyone. So they basically logged into my Bluehost dashboard and moved my site to their servers. No downtime or any issues.

There are many benefits I’ve seen so far and I’ve covered them all in my honest WPX Hosting review. You can also find the exact steps to take when signing up with them in my guide How to Start a Profitable Blog.

This quick article was just about my decision to change hosting providers, which is a big one for every WordPress site owner.

Check WPX hosting out for yourself.


Needless to say, I’m an affiliate for WPX Hosting now. And anytime I mention it from here on, the link will probably be the one with my affiliate ID. While I usually stay away from that, I do highly recommend their services and want to be an affiliate only of a few carefully selected products and companies that I’m familiar with.

So, if you’re interested in checking them out, go ahead and have a chat with someone from the team.

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