How This Mom Became a Fashion Blogger Making $10K/Month

There are many ways to earn from a website. But one I want to bring to your attention today is selling it for profit. And in particular, for 6 or multiple 6 figures!

For a start, yes, that’s absolutely possible. In fact, you can sell more than 1 of these and turn this into a full-time venture. 

In this article, I’ll talk more about the business of selling blogs and share what you need to take care of before listing a blog for sale.

Building a 6-Figure Blog: Factors to Consider

There are a few key factors you need to take into consideration when selling your blog. 

Know the numbers.

You can’t expect to earn such a significant sum if you just started your blog, have only a few posts in your archives, your traffic is low, and there’s little to no revenue.

Instead, the longer your domain has existed, the more value is has. That increases its domain authority among many other things.

As for the articles on it, you might want to put your blog for sale with 100-200 blog posts, as that shows you’ve been blogging consistently for years. Search engines had reasons to crawl your site all the time, readers are engaged and know new content is coming soon, and your online presence is strong.

Next comes traffic. Page views matter and organic traffic is the best source of traffic you can get.

It means your site ranks in the search results and new people find out your well-optimized articles daily. With the right monetization strategies, this can bring in a lot of ad revenue, readers that can be turned into leads in multiple ways, and revenue from affiliate marketing.

Speaking of which, the next number is your monthly revenue. When selling a blog, you have to make sure you’ve monetized it and the income is regular. Buyers will be checking how much the blog is earning per month right now, which allows them to see its earning potential in the near future.

Between $3,000 and $5,000 monthly (solely from the blog) is a good number that will attract many buyers ready to pay you 6 figures.

Another thing to consider is that it’s best to be earning this revenue for 12 months in a row, to show consistency and build trust with an investor.

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Grow the numbers.

All these numbers don’t just grow by themselves (although once you do start gaining organic traffic and have an engaged audience, things can happen pretty quickly from then on). 

You need to track these metrics and take action every week to grow them. When the time comes to sell your blog, the buyer might have specific questions about the blog’s metric. Ensure you’re prepared with all the facts and can show them the current numbers as well as the opportunities for growth.

Traffic and revenue diversity

Three traffic sources (such as organic traffic, Pinterest and email marketing) are better than one. Just like two monetization methods (affiliate marketing and ads) are better than one.

All this proves you’ve done the work to diversity your traffic and income, which makes your blog more stable than most other websites online. If one traffic source or income stream drops, you (or the buyer, later on) can rely on the other ones while fixing the issue.

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The extras

Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. When someone is selling a blog, won’t you be happy to see a strong social media presence on multiple channels, an engaged email list, a well-designed blog, perfectly optimized articles, fantastic branding, a trademark, and systems in place?

You probably would. It’s easier to invest 6 figures in a platform like that as the growth in this case is guaranteed.

So anything you can add on top of what’s expected will benefit you. 

Where to get started when selling a blog

Now, let’s see what you need to take care of before you put the blog for sale, and what the first steps are to finding a buyer and closing a deal.

1. Run an audit.

You need to know every single thing about your website’s performance and a detailed audit will help with that.

You might spot technical issues that can be fixed quickly if you outsource the task to an expert. You might notice that your site speed, domain authority, or conversions have dropped in the last few months. It’s worth exploring why and what you can do about it.

If we’re talking about a 6-figure deal, you can be sure buyers will check all that.

>> Get a professional Blog Audit of your website.

2. Use a trusted marketplace.

The next question is ‘Where do I sell my blog and how?’

With a global marketplace like, which is currently the #1 platform in the market of buying and selling websites, you can do that safely and easily.

Create a profile, add your listing with as many details as possible, set your price, use a broker or not – that’s up to you, and see who bids. You can negotiate the rates and discuss everything with each individual buyer. 

3. Documentation. 

Before you start selling a blog, you also need to get your documents in order. Buyers are eagerly awaiting this and want to see your financials, business costs, trademarks, analytics, and legal documents.

It’s one thing to know your metrics, but it’s another to present them to a potential buyer and show them why investing in your blog is worth it.

Especially when we’re talking about a bigger investment such as 6 figures.

Plenty of people have sold 2- or 3-year old blogs for 6 figures. That’s totally doable. But besides being passionate about what you do, having awesome content and an engaged audience, you will also need to take care of the things mentioned above.

Now is the time to focus on the numbers, because what gets measured gets managed.

Are you thinking of selling a blog? If so, what do you need to take care of before the listing is for sale?

There are many ways to earn from your website. Here's what you need to know to sell a blog for six figures:

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