5 Reasons to Use Flippa to Buy and Sell Websites

Whether you’re thinking of buying a site, selling your existing one, or flipping websites for profit, one thing you’ll need is a trusted marketplace (to find web properties and bid on them, create your own listings, work with experienced sellers, etc.)

A platform you can’t go wrong with is Flippa – the #1 marketplace to buy and sell blogs, affiliate sites, apps, eCommerce stores, domains, and online businesses.

In this article, I’ll share how Flippa works, why it’s the go-to place for most buyers and sellers out there, and what the benefits of using it are.

What you need to know about Flippa

flippa marketplace review

Founded in 2009, Flippa.com has since conquered a very important market online – the one of buying and selling websites. By 2015, over $140 million in web properties was traded on it. Today, that’s over $400 million in sales. Over 300,000 digital assets have been sold globally thanks to them.

There are 3 million users registered on the platform and over 4000 valuations are being done each month. These are free and you can see how much your business is worth before listing it. You can get yours here. 

So, aside from being an established global marketplace, here are some other reasons why your next digital asset can be sold or bought through Flippa.com.

Ease of use.

Ease of use is a top priority for the team of Flippa. If you’re a seller, creating a listing shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes. You can also use the free valuation tool I mentioned to find your website’s value.

As a buyer, you can use the filters to find what suits you.

From the Browse tab next to the site logo on the homepage, you can quickly get to the category of sites you want to check out. 

Let’s say you’re looking to buy a blog. You can browse based on price range, monthly traffic and income, age of the domain, industry, or even by keyword.

When you like a blog, you can place your bid, contact the seller with any questions or directly ask them for a lower price. 

Selling on Flippa is cheap.

When you’ve successfully sold a website, domain or else, Flippa charges a success fee, ranging from 5% to 10%. It’s known as the most affordable option in the market, especially for the many other features it provides.

When listing an item, you also pay a small fee. But that’s nothing when looking at the big picture, which includes being in front of so many (determined and quality) buyers.

Things happen fast.

The next thing I love about Flippa and which they are known for is the speed. Around 1000 new buyers are joining the marketplace daily, which means they are more than the sellers.

Deals can happen in days, most of the time. The whole process is streamlined and if both parties know what they want and are motivated to get things done quickly, that’s exactly what they get.

It’s a peer to peer platform.

You don’t always get direct access to a seller online, but in this case, you can contact them right away and get to know each other. That helps buyers build trust, especially if it’s their first purchase on a marketplace like that or we’re talking about a big investment.

As a seller, you’re in full control because you decide the price, how many details to add to the listing, and whose bid to accept.

Negotiation is encouraged.

Not only don’t you need to use a broker or any third party and you can get in touch with the seller, but as a buyer, you can negotiate freely. The platform encourages it and they want everyone to walk away from a deal feeling like they made the best decision.

That’s what I wanted to share with you today about Flippa and doing business using their marketplace, whether that’s to buy, sell or flip. The beautiful thing is that this itself can turn into a side hustle that brings you a full-time income if you regularly flip websites, or start and grow blogs and sell them for profit.