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In this age of global mega-businesses offering consumers on-demand, cheap-and-easy products or services, it can be difficult for small businesses to stay competitive.

You need to keep up with the latest tools and tricks of the trade to ensure you are as productive, reliable, and efficient as you can be. Fortunately, a wide variety of apps exist just for that purpose.

The following are the latest and greatest small business apps available to help you get an edge over the competition.

The Top 10 Small Business Apps

1. Project Management: Asana

Asana is your one-stop-shop for collaborating, communicating, and managing projects at the office.

It offers 100 different integrations to help you design and customize your workflow and keep everyone organized and connected. 

2. Call Management: Ninja Number

This Virtual Assistant Business App uses your cellular connection (but not your data) so there are never any dropped or poor-quality calls due to WiFi issues.

Unlike other apps that utilize AI, Ninja Number offers:

  • Smart Auto-reply that can answer FAQs
  • Big Data interpretation and suggestions based on your call history
  • Team Mode, connecting up to 5 different lines to provide 100% call coverage to your whole team 
  • Call Tracking, to analyze your calls and texts and recommend how you can improve
  • Live Ninja On-Demand operators, always standing by to take your calls and messages

3. Accounting: Quickbooks

Quickbooks has been the gold-standard business accounting app for many years — with good reason.

This software can manage your payments, invoices, and payroll, while also handling basic or advanced accounting, live accounting and bookkeeping, and time tracking.

4. Office Suite: Microsoft 365

Formerly Office 365, Microsoft rebranded its suite and is an absolute must for businesses. Naturally, it includes “the big 3,” Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, but it also includes OneDrive i for online backups.

Microsoft Teams is also included in the bundle, along with the online version of Outlook. 

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5. eCommerce: Shopify

Shopify is one the most flexible, user-friendly payment systems available to small businesses, which is why more than 800,000 online stores use their services.

It’s also very affordable, offering plans ranging from $29-$299, depending on what you need. 

6. Customer Relationship Management: Streak

Streak is an incredibly helpful CRM for your small business, especially if you use Gmail or Google Apps since it integrates with both.

It tracks where you are in your relationship with your customers (introduction, pitch, follow-up, etc.) and can sort emails and notes by your clients’ names. It even has a newsfeed so all your team members can be on the same page.

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7. Email Marketing Platform: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a multi-function, intuitive marketing platform that helps you create better content, reach more people, evaluate your strategies with analytics, and automate your marketing campaigns.

You’ll grow your audience and receive up to six times more orders using their tried-and-true approach. G2 recently voted Mailchimp one of the Best Software Companies of 2020. It’s extremely economical, as it allows you to reach up to 100,000 contacts for under $15 a month.

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8. Shipping: ShipStation

“Get Ship Done” with this shipping and order management software. ShipStation generates and prints discounted shipping labels for all of your online orders so you can batch your orders or send them out individually.

You can import orders from wherever you sell and it will integrate with nearly every marketplace out there. 

9. Social Media Marketing: Canva for Business

Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, Canva can make anybody look like a pro.

Canva for Business is a paid app that will allow you to easily create and brand your posts so everything has a consistent look. You can make everything from Instagram posts to business cards to wedding invitations.

With access to hundreds of thousands of great-quality photos and tons of fonts, Canva is all you need to design graphics for your company…without a designer.

10. Writing Tool: Grammarly for Business

Nothing says unprofessional like typos, misspellings, and bad grammar. Grammarly for Business not only offers corrections for errors, but suggestions for word use, phrasing, and complex punctuation.

Productivity and business management tools have come a long way, even over the past several years. If you haven’t updated your toolkit or taken inventory of the areas your business needs improvement, now’s the time to invest in the right small business apps to do the job right. 

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