How to Start a Moving Company as a Side Hustle

Search Engine Optimization could be totally terrifying if you are starting a new business or a startup.

Most of the startups know pretty well that search engine optimization is the key to online success but many of them do not have any idea about the ways to develop an effective strategy.

Many top digital marketing organizations would be promising top rankings in the SERP to the startups.

However, most startups usually, come up with extremely limited budgets so they are really confused whether to end up spending hundreds of dollars to hire the experts at the very beginning or to try some strategies on their own, first.

Here are some effective strategies to initiate search engine optimization for your business until your revenue is enough for supporting the cost of hiring the professional experts.

1. Register With Bing and Google Webmaster Tools.

Once you have come up with your website, you must consider registering with Bing and Google Webmaster tools and then submit your sitemap.

This is necessary as this is the most effective way of informing search engines regarding your website including your future content updates.

This is an effective way of finding out exactly what the search engines understand and know about your content.

You should research other effective tools that you can use as well. SERP Empire is a great place for those looking to grow their organic ranking.

2. On-Page Optimization Is Essential.

Often some startups completely forget or ignore the most effective SEO factor for long-term success. On-page optimization of your website is supposed to be really important and necessary for success.

Ignoring on-page optimization could prove to be very costly as the results would be coming painfully slow and you would be placing yourself at a great disadvantage.

All your posts and pages must be given a unique title that would be including main keywords precisely for that page. Include Meta descriptions as they are a crucial place for including relevant keywords present within the content. Keywords must be included in the shape of Meta tags.

Often individuals make the mistake of placing too much importance to links from other sites. These links could be really important, but obviously, there are other important links as well.

Internal links could be a truly useful search engine tool to possess. Internal links are an exceptional weapon in the search engine arsenal.

3. Planning Content Investments & Practicing Content Marketing.

Assuming you are having a grasp of the key concepts and have come up with a tactical keyword list, you are well-prepared to come up with a really high-level plan.

The world of SEO is highly technical and has two key components: Do not mess up your indexing simply by generating content which is duplicate or cannot be seen and you must ensure that you would be coming up with Search Engine Friendly Code.

Advanced content management systems are excellent in this sort of work.

If you use WordPress, you must be very lucky because there are several SEO plug-ins which would be making the technical aspect of the business very easy. The majority of the content management systems could also create sitemaps. Creating APIs or open data sets is an upcoming element of SEO.

Once you know the specific keywords people would be using for finding your business, you must concentrate on creating relevant and top quality content. It is always better to come up with a simple website.

Remember site structure really matters. It is a good idea to group content into related categories and ensure that navigation is truly user-friendly.

You must help your users to get what they are looking for in maximum 2 clicks and you must also have meaningful and friendly URLs.

4. Practice PR, and Search-Informed, Distributed Communication.

The fact that you’ve launched a new business is extremely newsworthy and you should use this big event as a launch pad to drive inbound links to the deeper pages through good anchor text.

This is not confined to press releases only. You could go for interviews, get your employees to share deep pages on their Google+ profiles and thus, attract attention to the deeply nested functionality of the site.

It is a very good idea to empower your employees and use them as a PR weapon online to drive inbound links and social signals, giving you the launch you deserve.


Whether it is a new business or a startup the above-discussed tips would be helping your search engine optimization endeavors to be more effective and successful.

Once your business has been launched, the content and the keywords you care about could be changing, however, the game would obviously, remain the same.

About The Author

This is a guest post by Evans Walsh, a freelance content writer.