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Starting a new business is an exciting challenge to take on, but there’s a lot that you’ll need to think about doing in order to give your business the best possible chance for success.

When you’re forming a company that offers a specialty service that you provide to people in their homes, you need to consider licensure, insurance, financing, and many logistical details. Here are some tips on what you need to do to get your company up and running.

Form a Business Entity

When you start a company, you may want to form a business entity for tax and liability purposes.

The business structure that you choose will impact how you file taxes and how much money you will pay to the state in which your business is incorporated.

Typically, many small businesses start off as LLCs before they become full-fledged corporations.

Forming an LLC offers the limited liability of a corporate structure while also subjecting you to less regulation than that of corporations.  

Get All Necessary Licensing in Order

You need to be clear about whether or not you need a professional license to do the kind of work that your company provides.

Many service industries are regulated by a state’s department of labor or licensing, and you may also need to register for a license in the county or city where you’ll be doing business.

If you already have a license in your capacity as an individual, you may need a separate license for a business entity such as an LLC or a corporation, even if you’re the only principal.

Licensing matters vary by locale, so check it out with your state and local resources for businesses.

Make Sure Customers Can Get in Touch With You Easily

When some people reach out to a service company for help, they’ll move on to another company right away if they don’t get an immediate answer.

Get help from a professional answering service so someone will always be available to take your prospective customers’ calls. You can have somebody answer calls on your behalf while you’re out and about serving customers and relay all of your important calls to you.

The service can be given special instructions on how to relay calls and what type of calls qualify as emergencies that they should reach out to you about immediately.

In addition, you can have the service handle your calls twenty-four hours a day, which could be a vital feature if your company handles any type of emergency services or repairs.

Get the Word Out

In order to establish your business in a competitive market, you’ll need to take active steps to advertise and promote your services.

A lot of people look online when they’re trying to find a service provider, so it may be helpful to create a website. You’ll want a site that’s designed with search engine optimization in mind.

With SEO features, you can increase the probability that people will find your site when they search for the services that you offer in your business’ area.

You can also create a Facebook page for your business and form connections with people on social media. In addition, you might consider sending out a targeted mailing to customers in your service area with advertising materials.

When people call you to set up appointments, ask about how they found your business so you can determine what sources are drawing in business most effectively.

Generate Positive Customer Reviews

When people look for a service provider, they want to pick one that’s relatively well-reviewed. When you’re just starting your business, you need to do everything that you can to ensure that your first reviews on third-party websites will be positive.

Encourage customers who compliment your services to review them on sites such as Google or Yelp.

Other options include earning reviews with Facebook and asking blog readers and email subscribers for testimonials.

If you’re registering your business with a website that specializes in in-home services such as Home Advisor or Angie’s List, ask them to leave feedback there. Some people filter their searches on those types of sites by how well a business is rated.

You need to strategize carefully in order to make your business appealing to potential new customers. Enlist expert help to stay organized while you’re getting your business up and running.