Choosing a career can be really difficult.

Sometimes, you’re going to be the kind of person that knows exactly what they want to do for work. But that’s often very rare. Because more often than not, you’re just unsure.

Either you’re inundated with so many options that you cannot pick, or you cannot find anything that sounds remotely interesting or appealing to you. And it can be incredibly tough.

And when you’re faced with pressure to decide, you often need a method to help you ASAP! Or, maybe you even already started down a career path that you know just isn’t right.

So now, you need to get on the right path. So, to help you choose, let’s take a look at five different things that could help you.

1. Your Interests

So first of all, one of the best ways for you to work out what you want to do, is to turn to your interests.

Sometimes, the idea of doing something boring or really far away from the kind of person you are, seems so crazy. So instead, why try to be practical here and think about a career path that your parents want for you? Why not look to what you’re interested in, instead?

Maybe you love fashion or photography or animals? Then why not start to explore career paths that you can follow based on this?

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2. Your Lifestyle

Next, you may also then want to take a look at your ideal lifestyle.

How do you want to live? Maybe you want to travel for work? Or maybe you want to live in a certain city or country? Or maybe you want to work flexible hours or be your own boss?

When you start to think about the way that you want to live, it can really help you to narrow down the careers that will allow you to do that.

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3. The Desire to Help Others

But maybe you really want to make a difference in other people’s lives? When this is the case, you could look to become a doctor or work in healthcare or become a mentor.

Maybe you want to get your masters in education so that you can make a difference to the learning and future of others? There are many ways you can help others, so look to your personality to see how this will work best for you.

4. The Desire to Be Remembered

Or maybe you want to be remembered? Then, you’re going to want to build a legacy!

Think about how you can change the world or peoples lives or invent something incredible and start crafting out your legacy.

5. Playing to Your Strengths

Now, perhaps this isn’t the most exciting sounding on the list – and maybe you don’t want to be practical, but if you want to be successful, then play to your strengths.

It’s often easiest to want to follow a more whimsical path. But if you’re looking for a career that you can be successful in, or that you can get a great financial reward in, then you need to get to know what you’re good at – and stick to that.

Know yourself better, work out what you’re great at, and carve your career based on skills you know you nail.