If you’ve got to the point in your business where you’re traveling for work overseas, then congratulations! A massive step in any business is making it to the international or worldwide stage with their business reach.

However, traveling constantly can cause you to forget some important aspects of your home life as well as your business.

Luckily, being on the road constantly doesn’t have to mean that you should fall short in any means of life.

So if you’re a newbie to this whole traveling businessman or woman thing, then take a look at these 7 things you should do when traveling for work.

Top Tips When Traveling for Work

Home life – Don’t neglect it

One of the biggest downfalls of having to travel for work is the fact that you may have to leave your partner and children behind.

If you’re not used to spending long periods of time away from each other, it can put a major strain on your relationship. Because as much as you don’t want to neglect your home life, it’s easy to become consumed with what you’re traveling for.

This doesn’t mean that traveling for work should be avoided either. Take a look at how you can still travel for work (excelling your business) and still also avoid neglecting your home life:

– Use video calling programs like Skype or even FaceTime if you both have iPhones so that you’re able to see your family and not just hear them.

Sometimes seeing the person’s face that you’re missing can completely change your mood and attitude towards being away from home. You will remember the reason that you’re doing it and also feel less lonely after speaking to your beloved.

– A great idea for your children would be to buy them a souvenir from each of your trips so that they have something to look forward to each time you return home. While it might not be the same as being at home, it’s a reward at the end of each trip away.

– Schedule time to read to your children over video chat so that they get some special time with you even if you’re not actually there with them.

– With each and every business trip, plan something to do on your arrival home. It will give everyone (including you) something to look forward to on your return.

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Help your business while on the move

The biggest reason for you traveling for work is to help your business. This might be through a conference you’re attending or even a sales pitch to new investors.

However, why only use your time traveling to accomplish one thing for your business?

Use the traveling time to complete administrative work that’s been haunting you for weeks, or even to reply to all of those emails that have backlogged in your inbox.

You could also use the time to attend events that will help with your business.

So, if you were traveling in say, the United Arab Emirates, you might choose to attend exhibition companies in Dubai that could give you information on how you could be hosting your very own events and further growing your business.

It’s likely that if you’re traveling far that you’ll be spending at least a few days away from home – so use that time wisely!

Travel safely

One of the most important things to remember when you’re traveling for work is that you’re more at risk when you’re in a foreign country – especially if you’re alone.

Some countries don’t have welcoming civilians, especially if they aren’t very well off and they see business people coming in and out of their town all of the time.

Take a look at these tips so that you can travel safely:

  • ALWAYS have a GPS tracker in your phone. That way, if something does happen to you, the business or your family can track you down as soon as possible. Have a rule that if you haven’t checked in to certain places for people to investigate to ensure that you’re okay.
  • Carry items that could help you out in a sticky situation. Things like mace to help defend yourself will always be useful. Always avoid weapons for obvious reasons.
  • Have a contact ready to collect you from the airport and also your hotel. This will ensure that you don’t run into any dodgy encounters on the way.
  • If possible, always travel in twos. Not only will you feel safer but the whole journey will be much less lonely too.

Read up on where you’re going

Going on from the last point, it’s always a good idea to read up on where you’re going so that you know what to expect.

Also, many countries around the world have different traditions and beliefs that you should read about so that you don’t accidentally disrespect anyone. After all, it’s their home and if you’re disrespecting them (whether you know it or not) you’re less likely to land the deal you were traveling for.

Always consider these things when traveling for work:

  • Religion. This is a major one for obvious reasons. Mainly not wanting to offend anyone in their hometown.
  • Mannerisms and gestures. In some countries, nodding means no and shaking your head means yes. This might not exactly get you into trouble, but it will make your life much easier knowing how they live.
  • Read up on crime rates and certain areas to avoid so that you don’t end up becoming a victim.
  • Find out the best places to eat, drink, meet, and anything else you might need when you’re over there. Tripadvisor is an amazing way of finding out more about unknown places.
  • Depending on what companies you’re flying or traveling with, you might even be able to claim rewards points too!

Use your traveling time to prepare presentations

As mentioned earlier, it’s likely that you’re traveling away for a reason. Usually to land a deal with another company, or pitch to new investors.

Use the time that you’re traveling for work to not only deal with minor tasks like administrative work but also for preparing presentations and practicing them too.

Many people use the long traveling times to get their head down and complete or finalize their presentations and speeches.

Alternatively, you could find the right words to say to your clients so that it’s almost impossible for them to say no. If you’re traveling with a colleague, have them listen to your presentation and how you’re delivering it so that you’re both happy that it’s going to seal the deal.

If you’re traveling alone, you could always use the time commuting to prepare, and the spare time at your accommodation to practice. Either way, put your spare time to good use for the sake of your business and your sanity.

Treat it as a breakaway

Why treat your business travels as something that has to be a bad thing? You’re getting the chance to travel the world and experience new places.

Treat your business trip as a vacation so that you don’t feel so down about the whole ordeal.

Be sure to pack your camera so that you’ve got some fond memories to look back on with your friends and family.

Don’t forget that keeping the balance between working while away and treating it as a mini break must be kept up so that you don’t lose sight of what you’re doing.

Use technology to help make your time away even easier

These days, we can reach into our pockets and have the whole world at our fingertips thanks to the power of the internet. You can also connect to the internet in more locations than ever all over the world.

Use this power to make your trip away even easier.

Things like booking taxis or even meeting your client for dinner are now easier than ever thanks to many businesses being online and being able to book online too. Make your life as easy as possible so that the dreaded business trips don’t seem so bad in the future.

Traveling for work can be a nightmare. But if you use these tips in your everyday life, you’ll find that traveling isn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be. Remember to stay safe wherever you’re going, and have the time of your life!

Traveling for work can be a nightmare. But if you use these tips in your everyday life, you’ll find that your business trip isn’t that bad. #workandtravel #traveltips #business #travelhacks