5 Things Your Hairstyle Says About Your Personality

5 Things Your Hairstyle Says About Your Personality

We already know that eyes are the doors to one’s soul. However, before people observe them, you make a first overall impression through your hairstyle and clothes. If your outfit can change its style daily, this does not stand for your hair.

Psychologists have found connections between our hairstyle and personality and even how they influence our image. We are sending non-verbal messages through our appearance. In some cases, we can even influence the opinions others have about us.

Here are the 5 essential ways to discover, analyze and change your personality, based on your hairstyle:

1. It takes courage to be bald.

Baldness in men is genetically inherited, as researchers say. However, men now have many ways to fight total hair loss, such as medication, hair transplants, and even wigs. Many try to hide front baldness with an unaesthetic thwarting back ponytail.

Hairstyles for balding men require little maintenance and are convenient.  The clean-shaven look, buzz cut, short Caesar cut, or Roger Sterling look send a statement of elegance and courage. You can protect your scalp by using the best shampoo for bald head or change your look by growing facial hair. However, women who shave their head send a constant-in-need-for-instinctive-love message.

2. High maintenance shows insecurity.

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Surprisingly, it’s not the long and wavy hair that requires high maintenance, but the attentively-cut short hairstyle. Shortcuts usually imply the same look for more time. Yet, researchers claim that spending considerable time and income on your personal appearance shows the need for acceptance and slight insecurity.

The exceptions here are wealthy women, who spend little percentage of their income on hair styling. If you’re not one of them, you can choose a short haircut that fits your hair type and emphasizes the shape of your face. You can find short and choppy haircuts, Pixies, bobs that you can style in a few minutes.

3. Minimal maintenance implies creativity.

Usually, low-maintenance hair is perceived as a sign of a creative personality – especially if we’re discussing wavy hair.

However, sociology experts claim that curly-haired women are more fun-loving, while the straight-haired are more serious and responsible. If you don’t turn your wavy hair into a hairstyle, you might seem bohemian.

If you already have grey hair, you can expose your childish personality by keeping your hair long. Wear your hair by side parts, and people will see you as compassionate or empathetic. Do you want to be a dreamer? Try a messy bun!

4. Blonde is attractive.

If you’re blonde, then you’re confident, fun and open-minded. This is a social stereotype with decades of background. In terms of perceptions, long-haired blonde women are more attractive than blondes with short hairstyles.

Not all stereotypes are real. According to a study conducted by the Ohio State University, women with natural blonde hair are smarter than some brunettes and women with red hair. The results of the study placed blondes with 3 IQ score points above others. Since stereotypes have a slight impact on networking, you can mix your fun personality with an impressive intelligence.

5. Flawless hair reveals a flawless mind.

Women with long hair seem youthful and bohemian. If your hairstyle is straight and sleek, you provide your viewers with a professional and straightforward image. Even though straight hair involves little maintenance, the absence of messy fuzz shows perfectionism. 

Straight-haired girls are serious, professional and straightforward as their locks because they look more pulled together. But a word of warning: dead-straight hair can make you look more severe.

Hair perception influences you, especially when making first contact with potential employers, business partners, or new friends. One study claims that thin hair seems healthier than the thick one. Moreover, hair color may lead to health judgments, as blonde hair seems less healthy that medium copper to brown hair shades.

Remember that you are what you show. Your perception of others may include their hairstyles, as their does on yours. However, hair blends with clothing, posture, attitude, the way you walk and much more. Consider what you want to show when getting ready for a new business or informal meeting and you will send the right message!

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