You don’t need to be a citizen of the world, or even travel often, to know what traveling really is all about.

You learn, you grow, you get out of the daily life, you make memories that last a lifetime, meet people, see places, experience cultures, and come back a different person.

There are, however, different types of travel that you need to try at least once. And, chances are, you haven’t even thought of some of them, or consider them too expensive, or complicated to organize, or else.

But once you set your mind to it, it’s easy. What you get from the adventure is always much more than what you expected.

What’s more, we live in the best possible time to travel.

The digital nomads and world travelers of today have shown us that this area of life could be hacked as well. Meaning, you can get cheaper flights (even business class) and free miles, pack light and not worry about possessions, go somewhere alone and never come back, go on your dream holiday without breaking the bank, and much more.

So, instead of making excuses as to why it’s easier to leave your travel goals behind for some time, go through the following list and see what adventures are awaiting:

1. Backpacking in Asia.

South East Asia never disappoints.

For more than a decade now, online business owners, passionate individuals, rebels, backpackers, solo adventurers, students in their gap year, or anyone who wanted to escape corporate America or leave behind the 9 to 5 and just go live somewhere else for some time, have been choosing this place.

I’m talking about countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, The Philippines, etc.

Here are a few reasons this will be life-changing for you (regardless of how you make it happen):

  • the culture is like no other;
  • beaches everywhere – and life really is better at the beach;
  • it’s full of open-minded people and most probably you’ll make some lifelong friends there, and have crazy memories with random people on the way;
  • you’ll be freer than ever;
  • the lifestyle there is cheaper than you can imagine;
  • what the islands there offer might be the most beautiful views you’ll ever have the chance to see.

Why backpacking?

Even if you say you’re not that type of a person now, if you go there for a bit longer (say, a few weeks as slow travel is the best way to do it), you’ll see that you don’t really need much. It’s more practical to travel light too, as you’ll be visiting islands and beaches and might accidentally decide to visit a neighbor country too.

Make sure you get the right gear too, such as a good daypack for all your day trips and hours of walking.

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2. An African Safari.

That’s probably something you’ve never thought of if you don’t have anyone in your surroundings who’s been there, or who’s passionate about wildlife and exploring other continents.

But it might just be what you need to see more of what life offers, challenge yourself a bit by trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone.

So, why go to Africa and why on a safari?

Well, for a start because that will include things like gorilla trekking, seeing the Great Migration, diving and witnessing the underwater wildlife, and visiting some of the most iconic parks.

It’s the ideal getaway for different occasions too.

How about spending your honeymoon in Tanzania, or bringing the kids to Kenya for all types of activities that will teach them different things?

Or maybe you want to have your most mentally and physically challenging experience so far and go climb Kilimanjaro with friends?

Whatever it is, make sure you’ll cherish the memories forever. To travel stress-free and get everything organized without too much hassle, research and unnecessary expenses, use the help of experienced African safari guides.

3. Do a culture tour of Europe.

The Old Continent has a lot to teach you about culture and history.

Countries like Italy and France, Germany and the Netherlands, Greece and Spain, Scandinavia and The Balkans – all these are filled with stories, breathtaking architecture, old cities and some of the most famous pieces of art.

What’s more, each of these cultures has its unique cuisine that you’ll fall in love with, there’s authenticity even when shopping or staying at a café.

It’s refreshing to learn some facts about the past of different nations, to feel the atmosphere in the smaller cities, to talk to locals, and go sightseeing.

Over to you now. Which of these have you tried, or would like to soon?

What can you do today to start planning your next adventure and turn it into reality?