Wondering how to make money without working?

A very rich man once said that unless your business was making money while you are sleeping, you will have to work hard all your life.

This is very true, and there are many ways you can make money without working hard until you retire.

How to Make Money Without Working

1. Sell Stuff You No Longer Use

Many people will take the stuff they no longer use to the local rubbish tip, but it is worth money. Whether it is clothes or household items, there is always someone that will pay you for them.

Go through all the books you are never going to read and take them to a local bookstore to make money without working.

We all have Christmas presents still in their boxes; sell them on eBay or some similar site.

Doing this has two advantages. It will bring you in some extra cash and will declutter your home.

2. Look Online

There are many online options for making money.

You could write a few eBooks and put them up for sale. You can answer surveys and get paid for each one you do.

If you love playing games you can test new ones before they are released to the public. You then provide reviews and get paid for the fun you have had.

This allows the developers to iron out any glitches before general release. You can also be paid money for reviewing websites, music and apps.

There is also the possibility of using outsourced services such as virtual assistants to run a business without having to do very much yourself.

Obviously, you may need to get slightly more involved than you would with some of these other options, but not much and you can do it from the comfort of your own home and be paid for your time.

In addition, you can learn how to make money without working for completing simple tasks using platforms like Earningcash.

If you have expertise in a particular subject, start a blog.

Get it known on the social media platforms, and when you have enough followers you will be able to monetize it with advertisements. If you are prepared to put the effort in at the start, this can be a very good way of making money online and bring passive income.

Another effective way to make a passive income is trading bitcoins online. With minimal investment you can trade bitcoins online and make money.

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3. Consider a House Sit

You can get paid for staying in someone else’s house while they are on vacation.

You get to watch their TV and films, eat their food and get paid for using all of their facilities. House sitting is like having a vacation yourself and being paid for the pleasure.

Why do people employ house sitters? Simple really. An empty house is more of an invitation to prospective robbers, and someone being there makes this less likely to happen.

Sometimes there is a pet to care for as well, usually a dog, cat or birds.

4. Maybe Join A Focus Group

Join a group of people and discuss your likes and dislikes. Sometimes this is done with you all meeting somewhere, and other times over the phone.

If a marketing company notices you, they will get in touch every time they have a focus group that is discussing something you are interested in.

They are usually very quick in paying, often handing over cash at the event. This can be a good way of getting to know new people as well.

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5. Rent A Room

5 Legitimate Things to Do if You Need Quick Cash

If you have a spare bedroom consider renting it out.

There are many students having to live away from home who are grateful for a roof over their head that is part of a family. It helps them to feel less homesick.

Then there are people like pilots who will rent a room for when they are in a particular area. If it is not their home base, they just need somewhere to go if they have an overnight stay.

Or you could rent a room out to people on vacation as a way to make money without working. Although then you would be expected to provide some breakfast as well, you can charge a much high amount to people on vacation.

6. Invest In The Stock Market

It is a common misconception that you need a lot of money to invest in the stock market.

There are many different ways to do this. Some sites will let you practice with fake money to see how you do and what suits you the best.

Just remember, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

In addition, you can also invest in real estate.

With retirement ages being increased in most countries, no one likes the thought of having to work till they are nearly 70 and maybe older. There are ways of making money without working or too much effort, and here we have mentioned just a few.

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