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We’re all about online business over here – turning ideas into profit, serving people, working from the comfort of your home and being your own boss.

And while that usually involves a laptop, there are other, often easier and even passive ways to earn online. That’s by using your phone.

You can not just make money from your smartphone, but use it to reach other financial goals such as diversifying your income, adding a passive income stream, having consistent monthly revenue, growing your investments, adding a new side hustle in your free time, etc.

Here are 4 ways to use your phone to increase your revenue:

1. Offer coaching.

While other aspects of an online business definitely require you to be on the laptop, nothing stops you from adding a coaching offer to your product suite and using only your phone for it.

In fact, Voxer coaching is becoming one of the best way to connect to clients. Voxer is a free messaging app with a focus on voice notes. 

That means both you and the client can leave voice (or text) messages any time you feel like, and get a response when the other person is available. If both people are online at the same time, you can hear the message as it’s being recorded.

You can create a Voxer coaching package and price it high as it provides personalized support and gives direct access to you (24/7, 9 to 5 during workdays, 3 days a week, or whatever feels comfortable for you – you can set your own terms).

In fact, if you’re just starting out your coaching business and don’t have a program yet, this can be your first paid offer. All you need is a way for clients to book the package, the Voxer app on your phone, and the readiness and desire to chat with them and support them through whatever it is they are going through or trying to achieve.

Doing this one thing differently can allow you to:

  • Start a coaching business;
  • Add a new offer to your existing business;
  • Grow your revenue;
  • Be able to serve people better (for some clients, this will be the ideal package and what can help them the most);
  • Diversify your revenue;
  • Eventually turn this into your main income stream and leave something else (that you don’t enjoy or which isn’t that profitable) behind.

2. Earn passive income with Rodeo.

Earn passive income with Rodeo

These days investing – even for beginners – is more accessible than ever. Getting started can simply mean using an investment app. You can confidently create a profile, make transactions and know your money is protected just like it would be with a brokerage firm.

It takes a few minutes to download an app, create your account and get into investing. Do your research before that to know how it works, what you want to invest in, what expectations to have, etc.

One app that allows you to make your money work for you and earn passive income is Rodeo.

There are no fees or lock-up periods and you can get started with as little as $1. You can also withdraw anytime.

The founders built Rodeo because they felt the pain and struggle of starting other passive income streams and realized they aren’t truly “passive”. They required a lot of work, time, and capital. With Rodeo, they built the first, truly passive income platform that makes your money work for you every single day.

Here’s how it works. You earn interest on your added funds through decentralized lending markets (DeFi). This is similar to how your savings account gives you interest, but the earnings Rodeo gives is 200x the average savings account and it pays everyday.

You can earn up to 12% APY (annual percentage yield) on your dollars every day.

Download the app here to learn more about it.

3. Work with brands.

If you like social media, are comfortable with putting yourself out there and video content is your jam, then you can create regular content on many platforms online using just your phone. If you nail your niche, are being real and have a unique message to share, you can build an audience. Once you have that, doors will start opening to you.

You can work with brands and get sponsored to promote different products. You can monetize by releasing your own product, having ads, or else depending on what the platform allows.

While you can do all that with a blog, YouTube channel and most social apps, we’re talking about using only your phone here so the 2 best platforms for that are TikTok and Instagram.

With TikTok videos and Instagram Reels, you can get many views in a short amount of time and get attention from brands in a few weeks or months. 

Short video content is often easier to create and once you get the hang of it, you can batch your tasks and save time while also having something new to post daily or a few times a week.

4. Sell your stuff.

Here’s another way to use your phone to make money, not to create consistent revenue this time but to declutter your life and earn some cash.

Get rid of anything you haven’t used in a long time, which no longer fits the new chapter of your life, or which simply doesn’t contribute to your life in any way. Use apps like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Poshmark (for clothes), Decuttr (for tech and books), etc.

There are many more ways to use your phone to make money, such as watching videos, playing games or completing surveys for cash. But these don’t feel right, don’t earn you much, and aren’t good for your personal growth in any way.

The options above can improve your lifestyle in many ways, whether that’s by simplifying it, letting you start a business you enjoy, earn passive income and make your money work for you.

Which one will you give a try?

You can not just make money from your phone, but use it to reach other financial goals. Here are 4 ways to increase your revenue using just your smartphone: