While many skills go into blogging, writing is the cornerstone on which everything else is based.

What that means is that your words and the way that you put them together matters to your blogging success.

Don’t stress if your writing skills could stand to be brushed up a little thought, as we have some simple tips you can use to do this in your post below.


Before you start to get down to the nitty-gritty of writing, it’s important that you first think about planning and structure.

 The reason that these two things are so crucial is that they are like the skeleton that the rest of your work hangs on. Therefore if you don’t get these right before everything else, your work won’t be at its best.

To that end, it is always worth thinking carefully about what you want to say before you commit to paper or its digital equivalent. For example, in this post, I have broken the topic down into four more easy to digest points and will write a paragraph or two on each. Something that will make it easier to read and also ensure that I am succinct with what I write.

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A great way to counterpoint your own view and opinion on your blog and connect with a broader audience is to pick people that you would like to interview.

Now, if you haven’t had too much experience this before sitting down with a perfect stranger and asking them for their opinion can be a bit nerve-wracking, doubly so if you have to interview in a language that isn’t your native tongue.

Luckily, there are some tactics you can use to alleviate the stress of this.

The first is to take a digital recorder, so you don’t have to struggle to record everything the other person says accurately.

The second is to do a language course such as the one’s business English trainer AJ Hoge runs online.

The reason being that these can help you be much more fluent and confident in an interview situation. Which is something that should provide a better interview for you too then write-up and publish in your blog.

Being real & opinions

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We all had to write those essays in school when you looked at one half of the argument and then the other, and ended up making a weak conclusion that said there were good points on both sides.

However, in real life, this doesn’t make for satisfying reading.

In fact, it can come across as wishy-washy and like you don’t have a valid comment to make on the area that you are addressing. Instead, it’s a much better idea to pick something that you feel strongly about and write passionately about that.

Of course, if you go on to publish this on the internet, you must remember that no one is obliged to have the same opinion as you. And if your view is particularly controversial you may face a backlash that could affect your blog and even your personal life in a significant way.

To that end, it’s always worth carefully considering before you publish posts on hot-button topics, no matter how well written they are.