How to Find Your Passion Now and Start Doing What You Love

How to Find Your Passion Now and Start Doing What You Love

Most of you have already realized that having a job you don’t like is torture.

It gets you depressed, dissatisfied with life, unproductive, makes you lose hope that you will find happiness. Working a job you hate can ruin your potential, character and social life.

And you can’t afford that if you’ve decided to reach success.

But by making your passion/hobby/talent your job, you can achieve great results.

You won’t even consider it work because that’s how you’ve always wanted to spend your free time anyway.

You will fill your life with fulfillment, peace, gratitude, diligence and, at some point, you will want everybody around you to do what they love too.

Some of you found it a long time ago, but others are still wondering if there is something wrong with them, because of their inability to do their job well.
This post is for them mainly.

In order to accomplish that, first you need to find your real passion.

You may be surprised to find out that you’ve known it all along. The answer is in every action and thought of yours, and can be found in your childhood.

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You simply have to analyze your behavior and feelings.

For example, if you are good at convincing people and all your life you’ve got what you wanted from everyone, it is high time to start reading about sales, business, marketing, to take a course and start a career there.

Just listen to your feelings when doing different things and trying new hobbies.

More often, however, our passion is not so obvious. In these cases you have to look into your past.

Try to answer the following questions as honestly as you can. Take your time and write them down.
If you do that simple task correctly and carefully, you will make a big step forward!

Here they are:

  • What did you like doing that your parents or teachers taught you out of?
  • Were you always thinking about doing something but never found the time or courage?
  • Maybe it was just one time in your childhood that you saw something, did something, went somewhere or heard something that made you feel at a higher level and filled you with energy, but you immediately went back to reality. Try to recall this happening in details. What grabbed your attention?
  • What subject did you enjoy most at school?
  • What did you love doing in your free time as a child?
  • What was your dream when you were young?

Now summarize your answers and examine them.

This way you will know exactly what your next step in life is.

After you’ve defined your passion, ignore all obstacles, negative thoughts, social disapproval and limitations, and dream big.

Make a plan for what you have to do in order to start living your life to the fullest.

Let me know how that self-analysis went. And now you can start doing what you love once and for all!

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