If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. 

Henry Ford

There are different types of people. Even a child can say that one is happy, while another is sad; one is confident, another – not. Some of them are successful, others – not.
The big question is what separates the first group from the second?

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People have equal rights, opportunities and chances to evolve and improve. Not all realize that and not many use them. But the worst thing is that they let other factors stay in their way – factors which are scary at first sight, which make it impossible for you to go any further in your life, make you ordinary and turn life into a never ending struggle.

It’s time to define every limitation you’ve set yourself through the years, influenced by the failures you’ve been through, people who’ve been telling you what you can’t, situations that have seemed impossible to deal with, not being understood, etc. Realize that you can change even your most deep-seated convictions.

Understand that you can start from nothing and reach success in every aspect of your life. You have every physical and mental capacity for achieving what you want but only if you are willing to put in a lot of hard work, effort, time, energy and to chase your goals every single day, believe in yourself and your abilities and don’t pay any attention to the naysayers, critics and judgmental people.

There will always be someone to tell you what you can’t do. But real inner strength is revealed in the moments when you ignore that and tell yourself what you can do.

Such a way of thinking is what distinguishes successful people from the mass.

Now let’s take a look at the most frequent factors that ordinary people use as an excuse not to work hard and to succeed.

No Money

The biggest difference in the way successful and ordinary people think is when it comes down to money.

But nothing can give us better examples than history. Most of the richest people we know were once poor. They started from nothing but had a great idea, a talent to improve, a service to offer. They did everything they can so that people know about their products, they found sponsors, they formed the right relationships and thus made their way in the world of business.

Many families live in poverty. And they’ve struggled so much without succeeding and had so bad moments that this has made them desperate, sad, stressed and without any hope. The worst thing is that their kids share their opinion and attitude towards money and life, they often start to detest rich people, the government, their boss or else just because they have to find a reason for all they’ve suffered.

But many successful people have come from such families, so that is no excuse.

You need to take control of your own life and make your truth. Sometimes even your parents can be the people who kill your hope for a bright future. No one said it will be easy. You have to get out there and find your own way.

Don’t think money is bad just because some people have it while others have nothing to eat. Don’t blame rich people for that. Just find what you are good at and work hard.

No Education

Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John. D. Rockefeller, Mark Zuckerberg and many others weren’t educated enough as well. Some of them got expelled or didn’t have the chance or money to go to college but in either way they showed that this is not what makes you successful.

Of course, if you can afford it, you should study. That is the advice they give to every young person who is trying to build a good future. But their life is an example of what can happen if someone follows his path, sets the right goals, devotes himself to an idea and decides to change his life and the life of others.

Whatever you study, try not to forget to learn new things everyday. Read all about the thing you’re interested in, gain knowledge, figure out how to use it in real life and try to make it even better. Find what people need and provide it to them. Solve their problems and become a professional in your niche.


Many people think they are too young or too old to succeed. That is an awfully wrong thought. Why should age stop you if you have found a way to help people, a product to sell, a way to start your own business?

There are more and more cases of young people (16-25) who have thought of something great and started working on it. Steve Jobs made his first million when he was 23 so why can’t you too?

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If you can write well why don’t you start your own book now? If you are good at programming and have some great ideas why don’t you try to get in touch with someone who works in an IT company? If you are good at football why don’t you start playing  professionally?

Young age has so many benefits. You are full of enthusiasm and energy, brave, not distracted by others, you want to try new things, to see the world, to meet new people every day.
You don’t think so much about money issues, health problems, political and economic life and that makes everything so much easier. You will be a breath of fresh air in every company and business. You will eventually gain knowledge and experience in the process of your work but never think that you are too young for anything.

Don’t lose hope if you are over 50 or so. This is another level where you know almost everything about people and life. You’ve seen many things and have priceless experience. So why don’t you finally start that online business you’ve been thinking of for so long? Why don’t you finish the painting/book/etc. you started years ago?

Many famous, rich and successful people have done their best job in their middle age. You have so much to tell and share with the world that it would be egoistic of you not to do it. And now people will respect you and won’t take your word for granted because your experience will speak for you.

So do your best and feel satisfied with life by finally doing what you’ve always wanted.

You are special, unique, one of a kind. If you belief in yourself strong enough, have no limits, make no excuses and don’t let money, education and age be an obstacle, you will reach success.

 What other limitations do people tend to set that separate them from success? 

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  1. First, it would be easy for us to read if you change your background. The background makes it little hard to read it!
    And second, nice thoughts you’ve put into this post! I guess what differentiates us as individuals is how we approach our problems, what we learn from them and how we choose to live our life.

    1. Thank you for commenting!
      It seems okay on my screen but obviously for others it’s hard to read. I fixed it. So thank you for pointing that out as well.
      I’ve met so many people that are literally inventing excuses not to succeed and just wanted to remind everyone that most of the times it’s all in our heads.
      Have a great day!

  2. This is great advice and very motivational! I have actually had a good idea about creating something to sell but have lacked the motivation to actually start it. I’ve just been toying with the idea and making a pathetic effort using excuses like being “too busy ” and “not enough time”. When in reality, I am just sabotaging myself, filling myself with doubt, being lazy and lacking confidence. Thanks for giving me the boost I need to get my butt in gear!

    1. Thank you for your kind words!
      Looks like you are completely aware of the fact that you’re making excuses. That’s much better than denying it. Don’t abandon your ideas, believe in them and make them come true.
      Take care!

  3. such a great post, giving us lots to think about. You are so right. I look around me sometimes and wonder why I’m struggling to find “what I want to do next…” while it seems like this falls into everyone else’s lap so easily. I think the difference is with career I’m not a risk-taker…lots of ideas but limited follow through because I worry about everything: money, time, risk, etc…. but I’m working on it!!! thanks for your post!

    1. I’m glad you like my post.
      All of us have similar worries and fears and unfortunately sometimes we let them control our actions. But you don’t need to take risks. You may work on your idea slowly, step by step – think it through, do something small so that you begin, then stick to it, devote time and energy and so on. There are many ways, but the first thing to do is destroy your personal limitations.

  4. So true. Excellent post! People have a tendency to over think (your examples listed is where they get stuck)…

  5. Very insightful post! And I also just wanted to chime in with the other commenter and say thanks for changing the background on your blog – much easier to read now. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jennifer!
      I’ve only just realized what a big issue it was and removed it right away.
      I’m glad you like my post.
      Take care!

  6. Reblogged this on awakentransformation and commented:
    Chasing money is what most of us do…we get jobs, we are constantly looking for the extra dollar to free us from our controlled lives. Once you realize that the key to standing on your own two feet and calling the shots are relying on your own skills, knowledge and willpower, will you be free. Success will then be measured by what we want to be defined by in our own lives. Can you define that? What will they say about you when you have gone? Remember this in our daily lives to acheive success.

    I believe this blog helps to share the idea of whats possible.

  7. Lidiya, ,

    Nice post as others mentioned. Since actions and bold decisions always involve costs, there is always the hesitance which could only be resolved by experience and wisdom I guess that whether the cost is worth it or not. The first step is definitely to have some passion and belief in what we want to achieve, just as you nicely put. Then I think we need to become more informed about ourselves, our friends and connections, our environments and then take the step forward and push it hard and have the heart to face failures.

    Good job!

    1. Well said! Thank you for sharing your opinion! I appreciate it!
      It’s always important to know ourselves better – our desires, goals, fears, worries and so on. Everything plays a big role when it comes down to such dramatic changes and risks.
      Have a great day!

  8. It is interesting that every dawn is an opportunity to not carry our baggage into the new day. Yet mostly we do. We are a strange species. 🙂

    Interesting post Lidiya. Enjoyed it thanks.

    Mr Simple

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you find my post interesting.
      Somehow it’s become our habit to live either in the past – with its regrets, or in the future – with its worries. Yes, we are strange,but prefer to ignore that thought or simply deny it. 😀

  9. You are truly a brave soul having a variety of thought provoking ideas in mind, Lidiya!! In fact, I really do love your presentation skill. 🙂


        1. I’m interested in so many things! But I’ll be writing about that mainly, together with more profound things (connection with the universe, mindset, positive thinking) and the not so profound (confidence and other important qualities, looking and feeling good, communication and so on). I hope to build a collection of writings from which people will be able to read the ones that concern aspects of their life that need improvement. Or can just find the answers they’ve been looking for, inspiration, motivation, tips, stories, examples…

  10. Blessings Lidiya,

    No limitations, nothing is to big for God! You are doing an exceptional job of conveying your message to the multitudes. I simply love the way you deliver what you have to share, at first it just grabs you, and then it draws you closer, and closer. Hallelujah! You have a beautiful heart, thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

    Many blessings to you and yours.

    Youth leader,


  11. Reblogged this on oldienewbies and commented:
    I think I’ll read this in the morning and again after I get back home from 12 to 14 hours of work every day that I need it. Thanks for the kick.

    1. Sometimes I also need to reread certain things, even if they are as simple as being conscious, thinking positively, staying motivated and so on, just to remind myself of all the truths hidden behind the distractions and problems of daily life.
      Thanks for reblogging.

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