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This is an interview-style post with Alexis from

Hey, Alexis. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Hey there! I’m Alexis and I live in Colorado. I’m a full-time blogger over at Fitnancials, which originally started as a weight loss diary after losing 60 pounds.

I ended up quitting my day job and pursuing blogging full-time in late 2016.

What made you start blogging and how did you come up with the idea of your blog?

I started blogging after my sister and her friends began telling me to start a blog. 

I had recently lost 60 pounds and totally transformed my life around, so a blog sounded like a great way to help myself and others. 

After talking with my sister, we figured that fitness and finances would be great topics together. 

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How much are you currently making from FITnancials and in what ways?

Currently, I’m making between $5,000-$15,000 per month, mainly with sponsorships, digital products I sell, affiliate marketing, and ad revenue. 

My favorite way to make money blogging is via sponsorships because they do not require a ton of time and you get to share with your audience products and services that have helped you. 

What was the stepping stone to earning $3000 per month from sponsored posts?

Reaching out to as many companies as possible! 

Instead of waiting on sponsored networks to find me a job or wait for a company to reach out to me, I took action. 

I did the best at selling myself via email and made companies really want to work with me. I explained to the companies why working with me and my blog would be beneficial for them. 

You recently released your first digital product. How did the creation process go and how are you currently promoting it?

The creation process of the course Making Sense of Sponsored Posts was the easy part – but creating an email sequence, sales page, etc., was the hard part! 

This is why I enrolled in Six Figure Blogger, which teaches you how to create a product and sell it. I truly believe the money is in creating and selling products for bloggers. 

How did you get to 150,000 page views per month?

By utilizing the power of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and guest posting on other blogs. 

I published high-quality pins on Pinterest and worked on search engine optimization for Pinterest. 

Currently, I’m working on Google SEO so I can start ranking and getting seen there. 

What’s your favorite social media platform as a blogger and why?

Personally, I love Facebook! I have a growing Facebook group where I’m growing a community. 

My goal for 2019 is to develop an authentic connection and relationship with my readers, and Facebook groups have a lot of power with that. 

How has your work mindset changed over the years?

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I wouldn’t say my work mindset changed over the years – really only the past year in 2018 when I went through a personal development course, Design Your Dream Life Academy. 

I was never a fan of personal development but now I owe a lot of success in all areas of my life to this. I went through a lot of growth in 2018 and now see the results in my business, as well as my health, relationships, and so on.

What does a day in your life as a full-time blogger look like?

Very flexible! I usually wake up around 8AM and get about an hour or two of work done. 

I’ll then workout for about 2 hours and come home and get some more work done. When the weather’s nicer, I’m out more often and spend as much time as possible on my bike or hiking in Colorado. 

Surprisingly, I get the most work done at night between 6PM-10PM. I’d say I work less than 20-30 hours a week.

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What tools do you rely on to run your blogging business?

So many! I actually have a great post on this along with a price breakdown of each tool: 9 Blogging Expenses for a Profitable Blog

My top business tools are iMark Interactive (tech service), ConvertKit (email marketing), and Quickbooks to keep track of my income and business expenses.

I also love using schedulers like Tailwind, Hootsuite, and Facebook scheduler to save time running my business. 

How do you make blogging friends and has that helped you grow?

The blogging community is incredible and filled with so many amazing people. My favorite way to meet new bloggers is by going to blogging conferences. 

This year (and for the past 2 years), I’ve been going to Fincon, which is a conference for bloggers in the personal finance niche. I consider my blogging friends to be family! 

What’s next for you and FITnancials?

Creating more digital products for my blog, as well as creating a YouTube channel. 

I really want to work on connecting with my readers, and I believe video is a great way to do that.

I’d really like to create a course on weight loss + personal development because they are highly related. 

Where can people find you?

People can find me at, along with Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, @fitnancials 

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