This article was written by Roger from Digiwhiz.

At times, most of the graphic designers need creative design advice and inspiration. Podcasts are a great way to acquire knowledge. Whether it is digital or graphic design, topography or UX, these podcasts are helpful, engaging and inspiring for anyone in the world of graphic design.

A podcast is a series of digital media files that can be either audio or video. It is program-driven, downloadable, mainly with a host or a theme, and convenient.

Podcasts are rapidly becoming the cornerstone of the graphic design scene.

They are the best way to find out what is going on in the graphic design world while traveling, or working out at the gym.

Listening to experts sharing their viewpoint and challenges is motivating. With the help of these design podcasts, one can get inspired, find answers to questions, and the framework to the work they are doing. Or simply get acquainted with the world of opportunities.

Podcasts serve as a great way for graphic designers and many other ingenious professionals to gain knowledge of something new.

What Makes a Great Podcast

  • The topic of the podcast must be enlightening and relatable;
  • It must start with a purpose and must contain information relevant to the topic;
  • Must be honest and genuine, and not excessively self-promotional;
  • Shows should be produced with high-quality audio or video;
  • It must address the questions of the audience;
  • Regular content is necessary.

There are many podcasts that have attracted a huge number of listeners, many on graphic design alone.  Below are 7 of the best ones in that niche, that you can start listening to right away.

1. 99% Invisible

It is perhaps one of the most popular design podcasts with a maximum number of downloads. The host, Roman Mars, covers all the topics that focus on technology, design, infrastructure, and a bit of history to keep the listeners engrossed.

2. Deeply Graphic Design Cast

Deeply graphic design cast is the resource to many professional web designers and graphic designers. It covers various topics related to graphic design, from finding better clients, to making sure you get paid, to online portfolios. These topics give the insight of the real-world experience. 

It is hosted by three successful web designers: Brand Voss, Wes McDowell, and Mikelle Morrison.

3. Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Design Matters has more than 200 episodes, including interviews with Chris Ware, Jessica Hische, Michael Rock, Stefan Sagmeister, and Dominique Browning. You must listen to this podcast if interested about the intersection of design and business from a creative spectrum.

4. Adventures in Design

Adventures in Design focuses on the project process and inspirational rambling of talented guests. It cover anything from logo design to finding and working with clients.

5. Typeradio

On Typeradio, each episode explores different issues that are experienced by designers across the globe. It is the radio channel on type and design: a micro FM broadcast, an MP3 internet radio stream, and a podcast station.

6. Let’s Make Mistakes

Let’s Make Mistakes is a free-form podcast with a design focus. The show covers the current trends in technology and design, often educational. And the conversation makes the cast really enjoyable to listen to.

7. The Accidental Creative

Hosted by Todd Henry, an expert consultant on architecture, design and other applications of the creative world of design business. The subject matters range from generating ideas, to productivity tips for professionals.