Copy NFL Player Chris Gronkowski’s Morning Routine for an Effective Day

A morning routine is just as important as a good nighttime routine, helping your mind and body prepare for the day ahead.

When you develop a morning routine that features healthy habits, you’re more likely to feel happy and productive throughout the day.

Ice Shaker creator and former professional athlete Chris Gronkowski has developed a successful morning routine that you can follow to feel like your best possible self every morning.

Wake Up at the Same Time Each Morning

Much like going to sleep at the same time every night, waking up at a consistent time in the morning gets your body in a healthy rhythm, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Chris Gronkowski enjoys getting an early start each morning to take full advantage of the day and leave himself time for important morning activities like exercising and sitting down for a nutritious breakfast.

Training your body to wake up at the same time every morning helps regulate your circadian rhythm, which leads to better and more restful sleep.

In addition to waking up at the same time, Gronkowski recommends getting between seven to nine hours of sleep each night. This allows your body enough time to restore and reenergize.  

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Wake Up and Get Ready

Too many of us fall into the bad habit of waking up with just enough time to quickly get ready and rush out the door. But this is not the most beneficial way to start your morning.

It can be very tempting to snooze that alarm a few times before rolling out of bed. But if you’re implementing a reasonable bedtime each night and getting at least the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep, you should avoid snoozing the alarm as oversleeping can cause fatigue.

Depending on what your own morning routine entails, you should give yourself at least an hour to wake up, eat breakfast and get ready for your day.

If you exercise in the morning, as Gronkowski does, then you may need additional time to work out and shower before starting your day.

When you provide yourself with this extra time in the morning, you give your body the chance to slowly adjust to being awake and you’ll feel less rushed and stressed.

Drink a Protein Shake

Once Gronkowski wakes up, he likes to start his morning off with a protein shake. It’s essential that we fuel up before beginning the day, particularly for those who exercise in the morning.

Drinking a protein shake provides your body with energy and leaves you feeling satiated without adding too many calories to your diet.

Sometimes, Gronkowski enjoys his protein shake at home before hitting the gym. Other days, he brings his shake along with him in an Ice Shaker bottle so he can indulge in the drink on his way to the gym.


Some of the most successful athletes, entrepreneurs and creatives are known to exercise first thing in the morning.

Not only does morning exercise get your adrenaline pumping, making you feel more awake, it also has been proven to kickstart your metabolism, which helps burn off fat more quickly.

As a former NFL player, Gronkowski considers daily exercise a vital part of his morning routine. It helps him to feel more alert and productive before the rest of his activities.

Staying fit is part of feeling confident and confidence is essential to success.

Eat a Big Breakfast

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Before hitting the gym in the morning, drinking a protein shake can fuel your muscles and prep your body for recovery. But, once you’ve spent all your energy, you need to replenish your body to help rebuild muscle and provide yourself with energy for the rest of the day.

Gronkowski likes to enjoy a big breakfast of eggs, as another source of protein, toast and some fruit.

Though many people believe that carbohydrates are negatives, it’s actually very important to incorporate healthy carbs – like whole wheat bread–into your daily diet as it helps produce glycogen, which your body needs for energy.

Read a Book or the Newspaper

Many successful people begin their day by reading something. This can jumpstart your mind and get you thinking to prepare you for work or other daily activities.

Reading the newspaper is a good way to stay up-to-date on national and world affairs while reading a book can give you a source of morning entertainment without turning the TV on or help you learn something new.

Even if you just spend 10 minutes each morning reading, you’ll find yourself feeling more alert and productive.

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Dress for Success

This may seem like a simple and necessary step in everyone’s morning routine, but the way that you choose to dress for the day can greatly affect your mindset.

Depending on what type of job you have or where you are going during the day, your wardrobe may range from casual to business attire.

No matter what dress code your job requires, selecting clothing that makes you feel powerful and confident is important.

Your wardrobe is often a reflection of your mental state.

When feeling sick, most people stay in their pajamas as they’re comfortable and help them to relax. But, when heading to the office, a nice suit or a clean-cut shirt can help set your intention for the day and leave you feeling motivated for the day’s tasks.

Set Goals for the Day

Writing down your goals for the day will give you clear objectives and keep you on track for what needs to be accomplished.

The feeling of crossing an item off your list also gives you a sense of accomplishment to carry with you throughout the day.

To begin his morning, Gronkowski usually makes a list of things that absolutely need to be done and other items that could be done if there’s time.

At the end of the day, he’ll revisit his list to see what he was able to complete and what else he may need to work on tomorrow.

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A former 3-year starter in the NFL for the Cowboys, Colts & Broncos, Chris Gronkowski is now the CEO of Ice Shaker. Ice Shaker has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, Good Morning America, HLN morning express, Forbes and others. Chris is the middle of the 5 Gronkowski brothers and has started writing about his athletic and entrepreneurial experiences.

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