Monthly Income Report: How I Earned $4,325 Working from Home in April 2018

I love all kinds of side hustles. While mine is blogging (earning from ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and digital products) and it can be highly profitable, another venture that can potentially earn you passive income is Ecommerce.

Having an online store (just like starting a blog) is pretty easy these days and doesn’t need to cost much. You can combine WordPress and Woocommerce (the best Ecommerce plugin) and start listing your products and accepting payments.

Both WordPress and Woocommerce are open-source platforms. Once you’ve started your WordPress website, you can install the Woocommerce plugin and begin using its features.

When your online store is up and running, you’ll notice you aren’t increasing your sales or growing your brand. The main reasons for that are:

  • You don’t know your audience well;
  • You don’t measure every transaction and analyze it;
  • You aren’t familiar with the exact interactions of users with your products;
  • You don’t know how your landing pages are performing.

That’s where Ecommerce tracking comes in handy. And what better service to trust than Google Analytics.

Setting Up Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics

If you haven’t set up enhanced Ecommerce in your Google Analytics dashboard yet, now’s the time. Here’s how to do it:

One of the most powerful plugins to supercharge your website and online store is MonsterInsights. Here’s how you can use it to analyze your website.

It allows you to easily integrate your site with Google Analytics. But what online store owners love about it the most is the Ecommerce Addon. Thankfully there is marketing for managed services providers if you ever need assistance.

MonsterInsights: Google Analytics for Your WooCommerce 

monsterinsights ecommerce report

MonsterInsights Ecommerce Addon is the best Google Analytics tracking tool built for WordPress WooCommerce. It’s guaranteed to give you the stats that matter, help you understand your audience and maximize conversions. 

The addon provides all the data you need on your WooCommerce, MemberPress, or Easy Digital Downloads store.

The benefits of using it include:

  • Quickly and easily integrate Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking with your WordPress stores;
  • See all stats at a glance;
  • Data is presented in an easy to understand way;
  • You can analyze your traffic and know what your top sources of traffic are;
  • You can see the exact conversions which allows you to improve your sales funnel.

If you’re ready to take your online store to the next level, check out MonsterInsights.