Mobile devices, like your cell phone, have become an essential tool in everyday life. Everyone needs one, but almost everyone underestimates the importance of keeping it safe and organized from the inside out.

Here are some tips for keeping your mobile device optimized for your personal needs and success. 

Find the Perfect Phone Case

Some cases can be simple soft silicone to absorb the shock of dropping your phone, or you may prefer a bulky, hard case to protect it from harder blows. You can choose your case based on hard or soft preferences, the design, or its functionality.

For those who prefer an all-in-one sensibility, your phone case can double as a wallet, and you can keep things such as your ID or credit cards in a sleek, leather case that can open or close. 

No matter what case you choose, you definitely shouldn’t settle for the cheapest option—consider the functionality and design of it to best suit your daily life and needs.

Organize Your Apps

There are many different ways to organize the apps on your phone based on how you like to use your phone.

1. Color code them.

For those who are more visual learners, you may memorize your apps based on the color of their logos.

If this is true for you, you could try grouping the apps together by color. However, this does not account for what the app actually does, it only accounts for what the logo looks like.

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2. Alphabetize them.

Alphabetization is the tried-and-true method of organization.

It will certainly be easier to find your apps if you have a system that is used across the world for organizing. This method is less personal, and it may take time to get your apps in order.

Once it’s done, you never have to worry about finding an app again.

3. Put your most-used apps on your home screen only.

You may not need to make every app readily available for use. Instead, you can take a minimalistic approach and only put your most frequently used apps on your screen.

If you need to use something else, you can just take the additional few seconds to find a less-used app in the stored apps section of your phone.

4. Use folders to organize your apps.

Many people have discovered folders are a useful way to organize applications.

You can name these folders by the functions of the apps inside (like social media, texting, or music), or you can use emojis for a fun, creative way to name them.

Any path you take, folders can make finding the apps on your phone much easier than if you had them individually laid out on your home screen.

5. Organize them based around the way you hold your phone.

If you hold your phone around its perimeter, it may be easier to place your apps around the perimeter of the phone.

If you hold your phone towards the bottom, then don’t put your apps at the top of your screen!

In Conclusion

There are many things to consider when making your phone the perfect fit for you. From choosing the right phone case to the right way to store your apps, you can personalize your phone for its optimal use.

Doing this can set you up for success when using one of the most frequently used items in your life, your cell phone.

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