9 Awesome Ways to Boost Creativity Like Never Before

College is seen as a necessity, but few graduates get real use out of their degrees.

The biggest complaints about college is that either the person isn’t passionate about what they studied or that their degree doesn’t apply to their job. It isn’t easy being a creative person in a consumerist society that values different things than many creatives.

If you or your child is headed to college, there should be a lot of introspection about this. What does the student really want to do? What is their passion?

Then based on this information, a choice can be made to find the right school that will facilitate their creativity after college. Here are five options for creative students.

Music School

A great option for creative college students is to go to music school instead of traditional college. Whether the student has been taking music or playing guitar in their free time, it is never too late to commit to music. If the student has the drive, determination, and motivation, they can become an amazing musician. 

It doesn’t matter if the student is a natural, once you work out the repetitions and learn about music, anyone can dedicate their life to music. When a student graduates high school and really doesn’t want to do a traditional job, music school might be the right option.

The only thing is that they should know it’s a tough path to go down and there’s a big disparity between the pay of musicians.

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If the student is creative with words, majoring in some form of writing will allow them to scratch that creative itch while being an academic as well. There are many forms of writing that a person can study at university.

Creative writing includes short and long fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, screenwriting, and much more.

In addition to creative writing, the student can specialize in their major. You can also study English or journalism.

While English leads generally to teaching if not writing, journalism has more applications. Believe it or not, the technical world needs writers as much as the creative world does, and sometimes they pay better. If the student loves to write, it shouldn’t be that difficult to find the right program.

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Theatre School

Another art form that can be studied in a traditional university or in a specialized school is theatre. You can major in theatre at a regular school, but it is probably a better idea to pursue somewhere that is famous for their theatre program.

Musical theatre schools, for example, are very specific. They study the combination of music and theatre, so the students will be expected to understand and be proficient in music as well as their other focus of acting, stage design, etc.

Playwriting can be taught in English class, but it’s important for a student to immerse themselves in the world that they are trying to get into.

Theatre school is a great way for students to take the art seriously and work towards doing it as a career, even if it’s local theatre. This goes for just about anything that creative people study, including film.


There is a lot of crossover between theatre and film, yet they have different schools. Going to a film school is a great option for anyone who wants to work in the entertainment industry.

Some traditional universities have renowned film programs, like UCLA and NYU for example, but there are also separate film schools. Film programs are also available at art schools, our final option for college students.

Art School

Finally, art school is an option for creative college students. The range here is enormous. You can study something classical like sculpture or painting, but you can also study performance art.

Art school allows students to dream big, but they are lucrative whether or not the student becomes a successful artist. If the student wants to draw, paint, sculpt, perform, make music, or films, there is likely an art school for them.

It isn’t easy graduating high school and looking ahead to college. This is especially true for creative people. They can feel like the society we live in isn’t encouraging them to follow their dreams, but if the student is diligent, talented, and hard-working, shouldn’t they go for what they actually want to do in life?