How Hailey Noa Went from a Burned-Out Lawyer to an Aligned Soul Purpose & Business Coach

This is an interview with Hailey Noa of

Hey, Hailey. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

Hi! I’m Hailey Noa! I’m a Soul Purpose and Spiritual business coach. I help millennial women who feel that they are ‘meant for more in life’, but currently feel stuck and lost in their careers, to uncover their Soul Purpose.

I also help these women turn their Soul Purpose into a fulfilling, meaningful and profitable business. In my business I work with women who are looking to make a career change, and women who already have a business, but want to make more of an impact.

What did your life look like in the legal world?

Life was really a struggle when I was still a lawyer. On the one hand I really wanted to be a ‘big shot’ lawyer. I wanted to be respected in my field, gain status and have an impressive income. 

At the same time, I was struggling, because I didn’t fit in the legal world. It never felt like it was really my place. I kept running into horrible bosses, that made me feel small and triggered old youth traumas. 

Because of that, I never felt like that ‘big shot’ lawyer I wanted to be. Most of the time, I felt miserable, unhappy, frustrated and unfulfilled.

That’s why in the evenings and weekends I kept myself busy with exercising or partying so that I would forget how unhappy I was.

What made you become a coach and how did you choose your niche?

When I first left my legal career, I started blogging about my search for ‘bliss’. At that time, I didn’t know what my Soul Purpose is, but I was searching for it.

I was writing about conscious and sustainable living, and how that helped me to transform my life. I hoped that my lifestyle and transformation would inspire other women to also live more consciously and make changes in their lives.

After 2 years, I discovered that it is part of my Soul Purpose to help women awaken to the truth of who they, and bring them in touch with their true selves.

Because of this, I realized that I wanted to have a more active role in the transformation process of my audience. I wanted to help women who felt stuck in their life and careers, and do more than ‘only’ writing inspiring blogs. I wanted to be involved. 

It was through this discovery that I realized that I wanted to bring my Soul Purpose to life as a coach. 

Picking my niche to focus on helping women to find their Soul Purpose was really natural for me, because it’s close to my own journey, and I see so many women struggle with what they are meant to do in life. 

At the same time, I realized that knowing your Soul Purpose is great, but if you’re not putting it in to practice, you’re still not living it. That is why, I made a conscious effort to also develop a soul-aligned method to start and grow a profitable business through which you can bring your Soul Purpose to life. This way I can really help women make the career change that they are longing for.

How did your first entrepreneurial experience go?

When I first quit my job as a lawyer, I started blogging and teaching yoga and sports as a freelance teacher.

I had zero experience or knowledge about starting a business and growing a business, but I was really motivated to figure this out. So, I invested A LOT in educating myself in becoming an online entrepreneur, and did lots of networking.

The experience itself was great. But based on so many stories that you read online, I did expect that growing my business would be easier and go faster than it did. This was (and sometimes still is) frustrating. 

This made me doubt myself, and my ability and worthiness of being an entrepreneur.

What were the biggest signs that you were out of alignment in the early days of your business?

Haha, so many! I was constantly worrying about my business, hustling 24/7, feeling stressed and insecure, comparing myself to others, starting projects and not finishing them. The list is endless.

But mostly, I struggled with feeling of insecurity, unworthiness and not being good enough. At some point, I didn’t love my business anymore because of this. 

That is when I knew that I was out of alignment. Living your Soul Purpose should feel like it is a struggle and a punishment. So, I knew something had to change.

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What changes did you make to create the kind of business you love?

I realized that I couldn’t go on running my business the way I did.

I wasn’t living the entrepreneurial dream, and I started to resent my business and everything that I felt I needed to do to make it profitable.

This was especially the case, when I started working with a business coach who told me to do all kind of things that felt icky, sleazy and salesy. 

That’s when I realized that I needed to find a way to run my business in alignment with my soul, because otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to continue.

I started taking inspired action, and made feeling good the top priority in my business. This has helped me to get back in touch with my soul, and run my business in a way that is sustainable for me.

Who’s your ideal client and how do you find her?

My ideal client is a millennial woman (in the age between 25-38), who is ambitious and has worked hard to create an impactful career, because she has always known that she is ‘meant for something more’ in life. She hasn’t found her ‘something more’ in her current career, despite her efforts. 

This is making her feel stuck, lost and unfulfilled. At the same time, she knows that she has a deeper purpose than what she has been experiencing. She longs to create an impact in the world, be of meaning, and feel fulfilled. She knows that the best way for her to fulfill her Soul Purpose is by starting her own business. My ideal client is now at a point where she is ready to take back control of her life, and uncover her Soul Purpose, and start her own business.

I find my clients through various ways: Instagram, my podcast (Meant For Miracles), and the masterclasses and workshops that I give.

What programs do you currently have and how long did it take you to perfect your offers?

My most popular program is the Uncover Your Soul Purpose’ program. This is a 12-week 1-on-1 coaching program in which my clients uncover what their Soul Purpose is, and they turn that into a profitable business idea.

This program provides everything that you need to know what you’re meant to do in life, and to start your business. The program has all the mindset tools that you need to connect to your purpose, but also to have the courage and confidence to start your business. Next to that, the program also comes with all the steps and information that you need to start and grow your business. This means that this is the only program you need to invest in, if you want to know your purpose and start your business. Everything that you need is in it.

Next to that I also offer a 1:1 program for entrepreneurs to find their profitable niche based on their Soul Purpose. And soon I will be launching a course that will help you to Uncover What You Want in life.

Perfecting my offer is really an on-going process. When I just started out, my program came with a couple of exercises in a Word-document. Now, all programs come with an online academy, with videos, worksheet, meditation etc. 

Every half year, I update my programs so that their value keeps improving and they stay up to date. 

Next to that, I listen to the input of my clients and audience. If I see that there is a big demand for something, I will add it to my existing programs, or create a new offer that will help solve that need.

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What do your clients struggle with the most?

My clients struggle the most with: 

1. Knowing what their Soul Purpose is, and what kind of career change they should make. 

2. How to start a profitable, meaningful and fulfilling soul-led business.

How have your business & industry changed during the pandemic?

Because of the pandemic more people are wondering what their Soul Purpose is. I have seen an increase in demand and interest. The downside of the pandemic is that investing in yourself and changing careers sometimes feels scarier than it did before the pandemic.

What are your top tips for selling and doing marketing consciously? 

Stay true to yourself, and let inspired action guide you. This means that if you don’t like being sold to in a certain way, don’t use that technique. 

Also, make sure that you do things in your business that you love, and that excite you. Often, simplicity is key for that. Pick the methods that are effective, fun and feel aligned. And then do those from a place of excitement and inspiration. 

What are some books, programs and/or mentors that have helped you along the way?

I’m a big fan of Gabby Bernstein, Oprah Winfrey, Rebecca Campbell and Eckhart Tolle. So, I have consumed many of their books and teachings. They have mostly helped me grow and develop on a spiritual and Soul level.

What are your favorite spiritual practices?

Reading oracle cards and soul journey meditations are definitely my favorite practices. Next to that, I also love prayer, asking my spirit guides for signs and journaling.

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How important is it to heal our traumas in order to build an aligned business?

Extremely important. Everyone has limiting beliefs. These are negative thoughts and beliefs that stop you from going after your desires and that limit your abilities.

These beliefs influence your confidence, and how you show up in your business. It is as if these limiting beliefs are a fallen down tree that is blocking the path that you’re meant to walk. 

Without healing those beliefs (that can be cause by trauma), the road that you’re meant to walk is not accessible. Healing those trauma’s means that you’re clearing the way to walk the path you’re meant to walk without limitation. So, it is really important.

What’s next for you and your business?

It is my mission to help even more women find and live their Soul Purpose in 2022. 

That is why I will continue to work of getting visible with the help on my podcast and Instagram account, so that more people can find me and the work that I do. 

Next to that, I do plan to launch a group coaching programs of my existing program, to make my services more accessible to more women.

If you want to know more about me, do check out my website:, my podcast ‘Meant For Miracles’ or my Instagram.

On my website you can also find a free course that will help you to connect to your Soul Purpose, so make sure you sign up for that!