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If you are searching for a provider of customer relationship management software, and if you are unfamiliar with some of the broader aspects of CRM software, you may have questions. 

While many businesses understand some of the basic features of CRM technologies, such as time-tracking and staff performance reports, some decision-makers may be in the dark with some other aspects of the software, leading to hesitation over committing to the right vendor for the company’s needs. 

Let’s take a look at some of the wider aspects of CRM software, helping you to understand the key features of the tools available within different suites or packages. 


CRM software provides users with the ability to drill down into all aspects of their marketing campaigns. Do you understand where your company is performing well in the sales funnel and do you really know where you could be performing better? 

If you don’t analyse and act on the most viable sources of lead generation, you could be applying costly marketing techniques in the wrong areas. 

Sales Automation

Sales automation means that all aspects of your sales conversions are tracked and reported in an easy to understand way. For instance, do any of your current marketing strategies deal with sales forecasting, or how your sales are processed, or how your sales are tracked?

Adopting a granular approach to the automated nature of your sales strategies means that your customers can expect a smooth and tailored experience. 

Automated Workflow 

In the same way that your customers can benefit from an automated sales strategy thanks to CRM software, your staff can benefit from automated workflow procedures that remove the guesswork and report back to you on individual staff performance. 

Automating and integrating systems such as time-tracking, staff training reminders, and weekly reports can help you to streamline all aspects of your working processes

HR Management Tools

Your HR staff most likely spend large portions of their day moving data around, without focusing on core objectives such as staff training, staff retention and reporting. 

CRM software allows your staff to automate and integrate systems such as email, calendars, and much more, removing the need for time-inefficient manual processes.

The tools contained with a robust suite of CRM technologies also enable you to set up systems that allow staff to interact with the software, removing the need for wasted HR time (e.g., annual leave booking systems). 

Customer Service Tools

The customer service functionalities within CRM software include gathering and reporting on data such as demographics, buying habits, and average customer spend. 

The software is customisable, meaning you can set up customer services relevant to your business as required. For example, you may wish to help customers to feel valued by implementing quick-fire response emails to thank them for making contact and to assure them that you are looking into their query.  

Open-source vs. Paid CRM Solutions

When exploring CRM software options, it’s essential to understand the two primary choices: open-source and paid solutions. 

Open-source CRM systems allow users to customize, modify, and distribute the software without the burden of licensing fees. Such systems often attract individuals with the technical expertise to maximize their customizable features or those working within a limited budget.

Conversely, paid CRM solutions generally have advanced features, dedicated customer support, and consistent updates.

While these might command a steeper initial cost, the seamless integration options, constant improvements, and scalability can be crucial for businesses seeking top-tier functionality.

Your choice between open-source and paid CRM platforms should align with your enterprise’s specific requirements, technical capabilities, and financial constraints.

Lastly, an improved ROI…

Where your company benefits from reduced administrative tasks, your staff are free to focus on their work. As we know, increased productivity leads to a valuable increase in ROI.