Avoid These 8 Money Mistakes on Your Way to Being Wealthy

In today’s digital world, businesses like to focus on new-age marketing methods whether you’re an online or traditional store, you’ll have a website and a strong web presence. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to generate leads and turn curious customers into conversions.

Foot traffic still has a part to play in modern advertising, however. Customers like the flexibility of using the internet to shop on the high street, so there is an opportunity to create a comprehensive strategy.

The oxymoron is that online marketing drives offline traffic. 

The problem most businesses have is luring customers to their store in the first place. Even today, there is plenty of market saturation and it’s tough to stand out from the crowd.

Because you don’t want to fall into obscurity, you should continue reading. Here’s how to stop foot traffic from stalling.

Add Curb Appeal

The same logic applies to a house as it does to a business. If it makes an excellent first impression as soon as you see it, it’s more likely to encourage you to walk through the door.

Properties that don’t turn on their audience get kicked to the curb. Curb appeal, then, is a crucial element of grabbing people’s attention and making them think “wow.”

Visual merchandise is the answer. With your products, you can create a window display which turns heads and catches the eye.

Not only does it get their attention, but it promotes your products, which helps conversion rates. When they come into the store, they’re there for the stuff they see, so they’re solid leads that want to spend money.

Make sure your store is fresh and clean. Otherwise, the merchandise will encourage them to walk through the door, but the dirt will make them want to bounce ASAP.

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Use Curbside Extras

Curb appeal is about accessorizing. Without extras on the side, the passers-by might not think there is enough to make them want to shop in your store.

Plus, it’s the little things that make the difference as they are relatable, funny and intelligent. These three things are held in high esteem by your foot traffic, so you need to involve them wherever possible.

Start by using a board to convey a witty message. It can be a play or words or a lighthearted take on current events, but it should be short and snappy.

Vivid Ads has everything from banners and flags to spikes, mounts and plates for your curbside requirements.

Another option is to add value by giving them something they can use. Are you a bike shop? If you are, set up a cycle rack so that people can park their bicycles for free.

You can be sure they’ll come into the shop if they get free parking.

Bunch It Up

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Consumers are fickle and will walk into a store that looks busy because they assume it’s worth browsing. They won’t know anything about it other than the fact their fellow shoppers give it their vote of approval, and that’s enough.

With that in mind, you need to look busy at all times.

A smart move is to make space smaller. That way, the few people that are in the shop will have to bunch up, and it will make everything look less sparse.

Of course, there’s a delicate balance between cozy and uncomfortable, so give them some room to maneuver.

Also, make sure your employees aren’t standing around looking bored. It’s a turn-off for customers as they won’t bother browsing your products if your staff can’t be bothered.

Ban cell phones on the floor, too. Workers spend more time looking at a screen than tending to shoppers’ needs.

Offer Click And Collect

Click and collect is more than a delivery option. Yes, it’s a way to make shipping more flexible for customers – 26% prefer a location other than their home – but it’s also a chance to increase foot traffic.

When they choose the option, the shopper has to come into the store to collect it and they will automatically browse.

It’s your chance to double down on conversions, so don’t miss the opportunity to upsell.

A savvy move is to put the customer services section at the back of the store. Then, they will have to walk through your displays to collect their package.

Retail Dive says 51% of C&C customers make an in-store purchase, which is why you need to give them an excuse.

They’re ready to make a purchase, but are you offering them the best experience to give them once last push?