Back To School: 15 Freelance Jobs For Students To Make Money 65

Back To School: 15 Freelance Jobs For Students To Make Money

This is a guest post by Joseph Sartori. He began his writing career in England as a journalist and now works as a freelance writer.

Students always try to multiply their budget using various ways.

There is never enough money to satisfy personal needs. Unfortunately, schedule of the classes limits possibilities of students to get a full-time position and start to earn solid sums.

In this case, they must not give up in searches of a suitable job. Nowadays there are dozens of freelance positions where students with various skills and different background can try their forces.

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1. Blogger.

To become an online blogger you have everything. Smart head with ideas, an ability to write and access to the internet.

It is very convenient to be an online writer because you can manage your free time and write as many posts as you wish.

In case you do not have any extraordinary ideas for your online journal, you can start writing reviews. Because the way you express your opinion can be unique and attract followers.

But to start earning money you must monetize your blog. If you want to earn money blogging your content must be exceptional and interesting for the target audience.

2. Private Tutor.

Depending on the fields where you are good at, you can teach other people. 1-2 hour lesson a day does not require many efforts, but it is paid worthily.

In the post-industrial society we live currently, intellectual product values more than the material one. That is why it is very beneficial to earn money with your knowledge. You can deliver lessons for school or university students as well as to adults who are willing to learn something new.

The scope of your activities can comprise different skills: foreign languages, science, music, choreography, painting, etc. So, do not hesitate and share your knowledge for money compensation!

3. Graphic Designer.

website design as a freelance job for students to make money online

Designers are in charge of the aesthetic outlook of the internet pages. Their skills need everybody who wants to create logo, banner and other elements of website formatting.

Indeed, owners of both big and small businesses always use services of designers. Your income will be equivalent to the quality of the product you make.

If you want to work as a designer permanently you must have a diverse portfolio. It is a proof of your experience and the thing that is taken into account more than your education during the job interview. Try working as a freelance graphic designer and get both vital experience and income!

4. Postcard Maker.

If you are good at crafts, you can implement your skills in various jobs.

The first option is to create handmade postcards. People usually support presents with postcards where they write their personal greetings. The more creative it is, the more impressed the gifted person will be.

Any handmade product values more than the one from mass production. You can design a truly unique postcard and sell it to your friends or on the internet. In such a way your will practice your skills and earn.

5. Home-Based Cook.

If you think that cooking is both your hobby and calling, you can bring joy with your dishes not only to your friends! There are many ways to design a cooking masterpiece and sell it for a pricey fee.

Cute cupcakes, cakes with prints and fancy cookies are in the highest demand nowadays. However, you can create other kinds of dishes and offer them to clients.

6. Fashion Designer.

Some people cannot find items of clothing in shops that will fit them. That is why they use the services of designers to create exclusive pieces of wardrobe.

If you can create clothing, your skills will come in handy and provide you with regular earnings.

Pay attention not only to regular orders like “design a casual skirt”. Take into account modern trends.

For example, nowadays there are many cosplayers that copy outfits of pop-culture characters. These costumes are too expensive from the original producers. That is why cosplayers look for those who can complete their order, so you can be the one to create unique superhero costume.

In addition, people visit various thematic parties year-round, so you will be asked frequently for your services.

7. Guide.

become a guide

It is not hard to be aware of the main places of interest in your city. If you know them, you can be very helpful to tourists in your town that need excursions.

You can easily register yourself as a guide, provide newcomers with your services and be paid for walks!

It is the way to meet new people from other cities, or even countries, and earn money. Another advantage of this job is that your schedule will be flexible.

8. Musician.

If you can sing or play some music instruments, you can use these skills and be paid too.

For example, at different celebration parties people prefer live music to the recorded. You must pick elaborately songs for the set list to satisfy the client and bring joy to the celebration.

Isn’t it a dream job to visit parties and get paid? In addition, more people will know about your musical talents and you will become more popular in the community.

9. Fair Seller.

In case you have lots of interesting stuff in your garret, you can sell it to people who will find a proper using for it.

The idea is to sell things you don’t use anymore. It could be dresses, dishes, books, etc. Do not think that if you want to get rid of this stuff, nobody needs it.

There are always people who hunt for cheap and vintage items. If you have some, you can sell them at various fairs in your city. You will not earn much, but at least you will make useless objects from your home disappear.

10. Photographer.

be a freelance photographer to start a business while in college,

If you never leave your home without a camera to capture memorable and picturesque moments, this job is perfect for you.

The services that photographers provide are different: studio or outdoor photo sessions, events shooting, portfolio creation.

But you must take into account that there is a high level of competitiveness in the photography market. You must have exclusive high-quality photos to attract the audience.

So, start to promote your services from the community in which you live. You can become the best photographer at the local level.

11. Babysitter.

All parents need rest from their children. It requires a lot of time and attention to provide them with proper care. Consequently, many mums and dads cannot spend time together and visit some event or have a romantic dinner at the restaurant.

That’s why they look for babysitters who can devote their time in the evening to take care of their kid.

However, not every student knows how to take care of a child and how to interact with one. So, this job is for individuals who have previous experience with younger siblings. But if you are okay with children, you can have a lot of fun with them and be paid a lot.

12. Pet Walker/Sitter.

Not only children suffer from the lack of parents` attention. In fact, pets are in need of the same help and care. By the way, they seem to be less dangerous than children.

In most occasions, people hire somebody to take their dogs for a walk because they are busy with their job. So, if you find a rich and generous owner of Dobermans, you can provide yourself with a satisfactory income.

13. Gardener.

The garden is a face of the householder. However, it requires a lot of time and patience to maintain order and beauty in the yard.

Busy people hardly succeed in watering the flowers, not to mention cutting the bushes. If you are good at gardening, you can improve the state of yards and earn money at the same time.

14. Mystery Shopper.

mystery shopping - freelance job for students

It is one of the most interesting occupations. Here you can pretend to be a private detective or a spy, because a mystery shopper must act like an ordinary client and assess the services provided in various stores.

All you need to do is to be a regular customer with the critical sight. A secret shopper must fill in questionnaires, write reviews and make photo reports too. In such a way, through acting like a regular consumer, you can earn something on the side.

15. Assignment Writer.

Every student has the possibility to earn money through writing home assignments to their group mates.

There are always students who are too lazy to complete tasks. You can offer your services of essay writing and presentation making, or to prepare other university projects for an award. Such people are highly valued at the educational institutions.

Over to you now. Which of these freelance jobs for students would you give a try?

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