Top 5 Online Jobs That Begin Paying Immediately

We talk a lot on this blog about the benefits of having a side hustle.

This extra source of income can be more than just a boring job, it can also be a source of enjoyment and can help you feel more fulfilled in your life.

Recent college graduates, retirees, and young people climbing the ladder of success can all benefit from a side hustle in the music industry.

Here are a few ways you can use your music to become your own boss and earn an income on your own terms.

Music Blogging

Blogging is a major industry right now, and it only continues to grow. If you know anything about anything, you can turn it into a profitable blog.

Many music students and enthusiasts turn that passion into a niche blog that spreads like wildfire.

Network with other music sites and blogs, scout new bands, and build a base where music lovers can find information about the best instruments, tutorials, or upcoming bands.

Once you launch your blog, be sure to let it grow by networking and publicizing, so that you can monetize it in a few months.

The best music blogs are engaging, specific, and personal. If it is clear that you are knowledgeable and passionate about your subject matter, it will come out as higher quality content.

Music Lessons

If you have experience playing one or several instruments, a great side hustle is offering lessons.

You can teach young kids, or adults who want to learn an instrument later in life. Be your own entrepreneur and create marketing materials for your business. Network with local schools and music stores to build a client base.

With music lessons, you can be your own boss and set your own schedule, working only about a half hour to an hour at a time if you choose.

It can be an enriching experience that also allows for a second income source. Teach piano, guitar, drums, or even voice. There is a massive demand for experienced music teachers for private lessons.

Some music teachers even organize group lessons or day camps. These require more effort, but they are appealing to parents over the summer for elementary and middle school aged kids.

Setting up one-off business opportunities like this can require more time and effort, but ultimately help to grow your client base by introducing new people to your services.

Online Video Lessons

This is a great way to combine a blog with lessons.

Many musicians offer inexpensive tutorials online so that young musicians can learn popular songs by watching. These are prerecorded videos that they can purchase in order to help them learn specific songs, or even basic skills.

An alternative to purchased videos is to offer free online videos to advertise personal lessons.

If you can build a fan base around your online tutorials, you can generate interest among clients nation-wide who trust your services and would pay to have an in-person or video-call lesson with you.

The Bottom Line

However you choose to use your skills, there are many ways to make music into a side hustle.

Building a job where you can be your own boss is easier than you think, and these ideas allow you to work on your own schedule. This means that all of these are viable jobs to have while you work a typical day job.

As your company grows, so will your income. Many who dedicate time and effort to a side hustle see that job grow over time into their full-time career.

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