energy focus and productivity tips for anyone working from home all day

Whether you work from home and have your own business or spend most of the day in the office, the best way to propel yourself into the limelight is to work hard and be more productive.

That way, your boss or your clients will notice everything you’re doing and reward you accordingly.

Right, if only it were that easy! Sometimes, the hardest part of the day is summoning the energy to get out of bed and not cozy up under the comforter. When you feel like doing zilch, your motivation levels will inevitably tank, as will your ability to be productive.

There are plenty of reasons why your rate of output can lower, yet a significant portion of the time, it’s down to unhappiness.

If you’re not happy as an employee, you won’t feel like going the extra mile. The same applies if you’re self-employed and aren’t in tune with your lifestyle or routine.

Thankfully, there are ways to make yourself happier and increase your chances of success along the way!

Dress to Impress (Yourself)

Dress codes are things of the past, which is why most companies don’t make them compulsory. However, if your employer is old-fashioned, there’s nothing wrong with exercising your right of creative liberty.

For example, wear a pair of sneakers rather than shoes (gentlemen) or high heels (ladies).

Hardly anybody will notice, apart from you, the most important person! Seriously, it’s incredible how feeling more comfortable in your clothes encourages you to be happier in the workplace. And, if you’re a freelancer and assume this doesn’t apply to you, think again.

For some reason, self-employed people convince themselves that wearing comfy slacks is a surefire way to harm productivity levels. However, it’s the opposite because wearing a shirt and tie in a home office is weird and can make you feel out of place. Cringe!

Pat Yourself on The Back

When you’re in charge, you’ve hardly got time to think let alone congratulate yourself for all your achievements. Plus, it’s a little self-indulgent, so you’d rather be humble and keep the big picture in the forefront of your mind.

There’s no doubt that staying grounded is essential as too many entrepreneurs have failed due to their self-righteous mindsets.

It’s easy to go the other way, though, if you don’t stop and say, “I’m proud of myself.” After all, you’re the boss, so nobody is going to point out the things you’ve done well.

You’re the only person who can improve your attitude and morale with a simple (and metaphorical) pat on the back.

Employees, this applies to you too. In an ideal world, a manager would praise you for your accomplishments. However, if they don’t, there’s nothing wrong with realizing you’re good at your job. That way, you’ll develop a productivity mindset.

Make Learning Available & Suitable

Restarting school isn’t everybody’s idea of being happy! Of course, learning a new skill is an excellent way to improve your sense of fulfillment as it opens up a world you didn’t know existed.

Plus, it introduces you to people who become friends, as well as a work ethic that could lead to promotions and lucrative deals.

The problem most people have is finding the time. But you can easily make learning available by enrolling in an online course.

Whether it’s a postgraduate project management certificate or a health and safety program, there are flexible schedules to suit everyone’s needs.

Don’t be lured into an unsuitable subject. If you want to study the impact of green practices on businesses, you should because it makes you happy, while the material will enhance your productivity.

Offer Responsibility, Don’t Demand It

Studies show that nearly three-quarters of American want their bosses to provide them with extra responsibilities.

72% is a big number, and you should be excited that you crave the chance to prove your worth to your boss or your clients.

Still, it’s vital to remember that equality of outcome and equality of opportunity are two different things.

For those who prefer a healthy balance between life and work, it’s essential to find a healthy position between being more responsible and seeing your family. 

Demanding extra duties may appear to be the correct move on the face of it, yet when you’re stuck in the office until 10 pm, it may seem very different. Therefore, when a boss asks if you’re up to the task, take a minute and think about the potential impacts.