Interview with MENSA Member, Business Coach and Bestselling Author Catherine B. Roy - reasons to become a freelancer

Want to become a freelancer? Think no more.

It’s not just a goal that will turn you into a hard working, richer, more productive and successful individual, but will also give you many joys in life and the type of freedom you never imagined you could have.

Freelancing takes time initially, and you need to dedicate all your free time and focus to get there. But once you break free from the 9 to 5, everything starts to change. You, how others treat you, the work you do, the money you make, the opportunities that come your way, and all other aspects of your life.

If you’re looking for reasons to become a freelancer, you will find all the possible ones you may need in this article. First, however, let’s discuss the life of a freelancer.

When we hear the word “work”, the scenario we immediately see in our head is of us working a desk job from 9 to 5. We are wearing corporate attire that can be downright unbearable in some days, making small talk over by the water cooler. And having this exact same scenario play over and over until we’re 60 and due for retirement.

Of course, there are promotions along the way. Or you might transfer departments, job, or careers, but it’s still the same old grind.

This can get old pretty quickly.

The daily grind takes up a great chunk of our lives.

Which means there’s less time for personal growth and activities outside of your professional life.

This constant, life-consuming exposure can burn you out not only on the career path that you were once passionate about, but with the rest of your life in general.

Freelancing as The Escape from The 9 to 5

For many who have gone through the exact same thing, freelancing became their escape from the mundane world of a 9 to 5 job. It led to a more flexible field that doesn’t compromise their work-life balance and still aligns with their passions.

It is also becoming a preferred choice among students who are looking to jumpstart their path to their desired career.

They want to gain ‘real-world’ experience from business around the world, and earn a lucrative paycheck. That while also having time for their studies and extra-curricular activities in the mix.

Freelancing, however, doesn’t mean you’re working for free.

To become a freelancer just means that you’re free from the usual 9 to 5 grind. Free to choose your schedule, free to choose the job or clients you take, and free to work anywhere and everywhere.

This is one of the best advantages of freelancing – you’re your own boss, and your work is suited to your lifestyle.

So, if you’re someone who takes impromptu trips to different countries, someone who only becomes productive at a certain time of the day, or someone who’s juggling so many things in life, you can tailor-fit your working hours to your benefit.

As you figured out, this change in the pace of one of the major aspects of your life can bring about some big changes on yourself. In addition, the other factors that are influenced by the time that you normally would’ve spent working in a job with a tedious and mundane schedule will be affected.

When done right, freelancing allows you to improve the quality of your life in a number of ways. Leading to better growth and development for you and your life!

With freelancing comes some lifestyle changes that you should be aware of and be prepared for.

Why You Should Become a Freelancer


1. You’ll be the one setting your working hours.

2. You can work whenever you feel like.

3. You can take a break at any moment, and come back refreshed.

4. You can work for more than 8 hours in a row when inspiration hits and you’re filled with energy and excitement.

5. The more you work, the more money you’ll make.

6. You can find a partner and work on a new, bigger project.

7. You can say no to clients if they aren’t what you’re looking for.

8. No office.

9. You can start a new project whenever you feel like.

10. You can also ditch some things if they aren’t taking you anywhere.

11. You’ll be doing what you’re good at.

12. You break free from the system.

13. You can pivot any any moment.

14. You start thinking bigger.

15. You can dedicate more time to your family.


16. You won’t answer to a boss anymore.

17. You’ll be making yourself rich, not someone else.

18. You’ll be location independent.

19. No chance to get fired.

20. No need to compare yourself with colleagues, you’re an individual now and are doing your work in a unique way.

21. You’re owning all your time.

22. You’re staying true to yourself.

23. You take all the decisions.

24. You’re self-employed and that makes you proud.


25. You can work from home.

26. You can wear anything you like.

27. You can even work while in bed and still make money in your pajamas.

28. You can work from anywhere in the world, which makes moving to your favorite country possible.

29. You can work while traveling.

30. Monday won’t be something you hate anymore.

31. You won’t need to go on a holiday just to escape reality.


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32. You can use your talents without being limited by the projects you had to work on at your regular job.

33. You can learn new skills, and monetize these too.

34. You’re building your personal brand and getting known in a niche.

35. At any moment, someone may reach out to you with a tempting offer.

36. You have the chance to turn your freelance business into a system that produces passive income.

37. You can hire people to do some of the work for you.

38. You can build your own products and make extra money.

39. You have the chance to make a fortune, with enough hard work, initiation, focus and a good strategy.

40. You can hire staff and thus help these people provide for their families.

41. If you start sharing your experience, you’ll help more people live that lifestyle of freedom and independence.


42. You’ll be productive.

43. You’re giving your children a great example.

44. You’ll learn how to manage your time well.

45. You’ll also get better at money management.

46. You’ll build discipline by working even when you don’t feel like.

47. You’ll be tracking everything and keep things under control, as it’s your business we’re talking about.

48. You’ll be learning new stuff all the time.

49. You’ll gain experience.

50. You’ll build better habits so that you can do your work well and be in the mood, energetic and motivated every day.

51. You go to bed with a smile every night knowing you’ve done your best.

52. You do work that matters, either helping businesses or individuals with your services.

53. You’re helping the economy by having your own business.

Freelancers Are Happier Since Going Independent, Study Says

The future of work is looking pretty bright and that’s yet another reason to become a freelancer. As more and more freelancers are turning to independent work, they’re often selling two or more skills to help them stay on top.

AND CO, the freelance support system, just released a comprehensive study on the future of work that highlights the empowerment of freelancers and the workforce revolution that’s well underway.

One of the more startling statistics is that 68% of the respondents say they’re happier since going independent and are using this newfound ‘freedom’ for personal fulfillment.

Translation? They’re after something more than just the prospect of money.

With an improved life and an even better outlook, these freelancers are equipping themselves with the right dose of happiness they need to succeed. Especially when financial cushions aren’t always an option.

Today’s independents are selling 2 or more skills within their careers.

AND CO defines this new type of worker as ‘slash workers’. With 61% of the people in this study claiming they now sell 2 or more skills to prospective clients.

They are aiming to gain more experience and have a vast skill set. These independent workers are taking charge of their work and happiness by indulging in their passions and focusing on gaining valuable experiences.

Independent together: freelancers are seeking stronger communities.

Going independent can also mean hitting some roadblocks along the way. Like getting stiffed by a client or uncertainty in steady work.

Those in this survey say they would like to see more opportunities to build a stronger community and ways to collaborate. They’d also like more resources for streamlining their business operations. So they’re able to better focus on their projects and not get bogged down with expense tracking, drafting contracts and more.

A stronger freelance community would create more unity amongst independent workers and better ways for them to collaborate and help each other out.

Where do you fit in if you become a freelancer?

It’s important to understand how to navigate this type of lifestyle for both the freelancers and the employers hiring them. As more and more people are turning to independent work, we must arm ourselves with the proper tools and information to excel and cater to the independent work lifestyle.

Freelancing is a wonderful thing. If you haven’t yet made the decision to become a freelancer, now’s the time.

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