How to Start a Fitness Blog: 11 Tips to Help Any Beginner in The Crowded Fitness Industry

How to Start a Fitness Blog: 11 Tips to Help Any Beginner in The Crowded Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is booming with more people making ‘healthy’ lifestyle choices.

Youngsters and millennials are the healthiest generations of the lot and are constantly obsessing over green drinks and smoothies.

Staying fit has become the new trend that everybody wants to hop aboard. And this has given rise to several fitness bloggers.

If you plan to launch your blog, you’ve come to the right place. But first, you need to learn how to start a fitness blog.

All it takes it to create a site and start blogging to build an audience and monetize it. If you’re interested in starting your own blog, I created a quick tutorial showing you the right steps. Check out How to Start a Profitable Blog. As long as you set up your site soon (takes less than 20 minutes), you’ll be able to start creating content and monetizing it.

Here are a couple of tips that’ll help kick-start your successful fitness blog:

11 Tips to Start a Successful Blog in The Fitness Industry

1. Create a Blog Identity

Before you get started, make it a point to find your focus.

Will you be sharing your fitness transformation online or focus on nutrition?

If you plan on maintaining a weekly weight loss diary, then stick to that. Make a plan on how to start a fitness blog instead of posting random stuff to create a consistent blog identity.

2. Make a Content Plan

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Once you have decided your blog identity, turn your attention to what type of content you’d like to post on your fitness blog.

Are you interested in posting clean eating recipes or do you want to post video content?

Remember, your audience will appreciate consistency.

3. Find Your Voice

There are thousands of fitness blogs out there so make sure you give people a reason to choose yours. Find your voice.

Don’t just recycle common topics like “5 easy ways to lose weight” or “10 ways to get rid of belly fat”.

While these are all great topics, they’ve already been written about several times. So find your voice and try to be innovative.

It’s always a smart idea to be specific and solve a problem. “Butt lift challenge for an Hourglass Figure” and “How to prevent knee pain while running” are great examples.

4. Focus on Design

If you’re not sure about hiring a professional to take care of design, do some work yourself!

Most websites such as WordPress are incredibly user-friendly. All you have to do is choose a template for yourself and then you’re good to go.

If you need help, log on YouTube and follow tutorials on how to take care of the groundwork for you. But don’t underestimate the importance of an excellent blog design!

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5. Come up With a Catchy Title

Part of learning how to start a fitness blog is to think of a cool blog name that’ll attract readers and pull them your way. You don’t want to opt for something that’s too common or beige.

Come up with a catchy title that goes well with your brand name.

6. Campaign for Followers

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Getting followers and readers may seem difficult at first but don’t give up! Consider guest blogging or setting up a cool social media campaign.

Once you’ve found your groove, you may invest in Facebook ads to help build a strong audience.

Also, when starting your fitness blog, don’t be shy when asking for friends and family members for a shout out.

7. Join Multiple Social Media Profiles

Create social media profiles for your blog on multiple platforms to reel in as many views as you can.

You can use these profiles to share your blog posts and build a community of your own at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds!

8. Be Consistent

We’ll be honest here: it will take a while for your new fitness blog to get attention, so be consistent.

Once you’ve set your mind on being a blogger, make a schedule for yourself and then stick to it. That’s the only way you’ll reel in some traffic. Inconsistency will put people off and will discourage them from visiting your blog.

This is why we recommend that you create a schedule according to your convenience when starting a fitness blog. Also, keep in mind you’ll miss out on a lot of trends if you disappear now and then.

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9. Content is King

There’s no way around this one. As mentioned before, there are thousands of fitness blogs out there. This means that you must differentiate your blog by posting quality content.

If necessary, use tools that will help you avoid embarrassing grammatical errors, such as Grammarly. Bad grammar and punctuation will put off your readers.

10. Be as Interactive as Possible

People love voicing their opinion and sharing their ideas. You already know this because you just started a fitness blog!

Make sure your blog in the fitness industry is interactive and try as much as possible to keep people engaged. Make sure each blog post of yours ends with a call to action whether it’s subscribing to your YouTube channel or leaving a comment.

You can also ask your followers to share pictures of their weight loss journey and feature them on your blog. This will make your fitness blog more credible and engaging.

11. Host Contests

People love freebies and are always on the lookout for contests with exciting surprises. Host giveaways and collaborate with fellow bloggers to get more followers.

This’ll also help you gain a more diverse audience. In return, you can also come up with post ideas to thank the little community you’ve built and engage with your followers. This an excellent strategy to make your fitness blog a hit.

Follow these above-mentioned tips to not just learn how to start a fitness blog, but make your site more successful! Good luck!

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Staying fit has become the new trend that everybody wants to hop aboard. If you plan to launch a site, you first need to learn how to start a fitness blog. Here are some tips: #startablog #fitnessblog #fitnessblogger

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