Are you one of those who for a long time has been fascinated by Digital Marketing, but you have no idea where to start?

Have you been working on traditional forms of marketing and now you want to go digital and exponentially help your business?

Or is it that you have been working in Digital Marketing and want to expand your horizon to understand the Digital Marketing landscape?

If the answer to any of the questions is yes, then you have come to the right place, here are the top 13 free and paid digital marketing courses and certifications:

This article tries to address this problem by including a complete list of some of the very well-designed courses so that you can not only start learning about this fascinating world of Digital Marketing, but also add them to your curriculum vitae and make you stand out.

1. Market Motive’s Digital Marketing Course

Market Motive’s Digital Marketing Course is one of the best courses on the list, and it is your duty if you want to learn Digital Marketing to have this certification.

This course is focused mainly on the concept of content marketing which lets you learn how to attract customers to your web and covers all aspects of Marketing focused on lead generation and sales.

2. Introduction to Digital Marketing with Google Digital Garage Certificate

This course is purely meant for beginners in Digital Marketing who want to get an introductory and the basic of Digital Marketing.

Offered in moderate size modules, the person needs to unlock 23 badges to earn a certificate. Each badge refers to 1 theme (between SEO, SEM, screen, search, email, etc.) and covers the entire range of online marketing.

Duration: 6.5 hrs

3. Email Marketing Certification by Hubspot

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With clients that now have the right to unsubscribe from emails, a carefully designed email strategy is essential if we know how to take advantage of email is the most personal means to guide our audience.

This certification mostly focuses on how to generate a life cycle for our marketing strategies, such as email design, segmentation, delivery, analytics and optimization coexist to create an email marketing strategy that will grow your business.

Duration: 3.5 hrs

4. Directive Institute

Directive Institute is one of the most practical and affordable digital marketing courses on this list.

Every lesson is packed with step-by-step training with interactive videos, written tutorials, downloadable tools & templates that make it super easy to take action. The Institute also includes an official certificate for those that complete the entire course.

The full course consists of 4 main modules around pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and analysis & optimization. It was designed using the internal training systems used at Directive, a leading performance marketing agency, to train their own in-house employees.

If you’re looking to gain the necessary technical skills to launch effective SEO, PPC, and CRO campaigns from scratch, this course is for you. They also offer a free trial for those looking to test out the course material before purchasing the full course. 

5. Web/eCommerce/Mobile Analytics with Google Analytics Academy

Working on a lot of content, but you’re not sure if it’s reaching your desired audience. Do you have an eCommerce website or a mobile application and want to optimize your operations to get higher ROI?

This certification from Google will give you that moment.

This video format course is structured into 4 different modules:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Analysis,
  • Principles of the Google Analytics Platform,
  • Electronic Commerce Analysis
  • and Fundamentals of Mobile Applications Analysis. 

My only suggestion – Practice as you learn.

Duration: 4.5 hrs

6. Google Adwords Basics

Take this globally recognized Google certification – Google Adwords Fundamentals.

Covered through 7 different modules, you need to pass the Adwords Fundamentals exam and one of the other 6 (Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Mobile Advertising) to obtain the certification.

There are also exams and certifications separately for the last 6 in case you want to pass them all.

7. Bing Ads Accreditation Exam

It is without a doubt that Google is the most popular search engine in the world.

However, with Bing now being included with Microsoft products such as Office and Xbox, and Amazon’s assistant devices, Bing’s share is expected to grow.

If you’re looking to further develop your knowledge of Microsoft, check out the MD-100 practice test.

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Google and Moz study guides

Who would not want to reach their audience when the audience is really searching the internet for them and that it is also “Free”?

This is where website optimization to the search engines is important.

Unlike Google Analytics and AdWords Certification, Google does not offer any certification for SEO (it may be due to the volatility of SEO algorithms).

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9. Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Each channel of social networks has a different purpose.

It is important to know the nuances of each one in order to better plan your campaigns to increase brand awareness and boost commitment.

10. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn does not offer designed courses. But the content on the LMS website can help you understand several ways through which LinkedIn can help to market content to a target audience through LinkedIn Sponsored content, Inmail sponsored, dynamic ads, display ads and text ads.

Each of these 5 sections consists of a general guide, case studies, data sheets, additional resources.

11. Content Marketing with Hubspot

Like the other Hubspot courses, this Content Marketing certification broadly covers various facets of the content marketing strategy.

Including the power of storytelling, sources of ideas, content creation, content reuse, promotion and repositioning of content, and analyzing and optimizing it.

Duration: 3.5 hrs

12. Video Marketing with Youtube Certification

Video is becoming a preferred medium of content, so it’s important to have a well-defined video content strategy.

This Video Marketing certification via YouTube covers 29 modules and provides the best channel growth practices, channel development, platform strategies which helps you find success on YouTube and beyond.

13. Digital Marketing for Professionals with Hubspot Inbound Sale and Hootsuite Social Selling Course

  • Hubspot Inbound Sales Certification (Duration: 3.5 Hrs)

Another important paradigm shift that is being observed is the change of sales methodologies such as cold calling (Cold Calling), to Inbound Marketing methodologies.

This Hubspot course will help you identify your potential clients, develop reach strategies and build custom presentations so you can better advise your buyers.

  • HootSuite Social Selling Course (Duration: 42 mins)  

The world of Digital is not limited to marketing communications. It has begun to change the way relationships are formed.

Therefore, sales professionals need to adapt quickly to take advantage of social networks to capture better potential customers and increase sales.

Now that you’re familiar with the best Digital Marketing certifications, you can choose one and start improving your marketing skills.