For a long time passed that time, the code a spring bed with a thin-wadded mattress was the only option for rest, then it remained to be satisfied.

Today, there are many technologies for developing mattresses, which are recommended by specialists such as surgeons, orthopedists, and even psychologists.

It would seem that it could be simpler than quality and excellent service for achieving successful activity in any field. Each client assesses these qualities, but only at the time of purchasing a mattress or other accessories for sleep.

Lessa takes care of its customers in general and gives them the opportunity to enjoy a healthy sleep from the moment the mattress is purchased and throughout the life of the bed.

Priority of the company is an individual approach, creating comfort and accessibility. All products and developments of the company belong to the highest technologies and correspond to laboratory standards.

History of The Brand

In 2015, Jamie Diamonstein and David Wolfe met in order to create a successful start-up that can improve people’s quality of sleep and life.

They both saw the problem in the mattress market and realized that they could offer a new and better product. But when they created the project, they did not even suspect that it would achieve such results.

During the first year of its activity, the company earned $45 million and became one of the leaders on the market.

In 2017, the startup attracted $23 million from the world’s giants such as Seventh Generation CEO John Replogle. This money is used to develop new types of technologies for making mattresses, pillows and other things that will make sleep more healthy.

The founders managed to reach such results thanks to a professional team, each member of which is responsible for their work site. On the official website of the company, you can find information about each of the team members and make sure that your dream is in safe hands.

What did the founders do, that their company became the market leader in a few months?

The Uniqueness of Technology

A fourth-generation mattress based on the latest technology, multi-level support, innovative materials. A bed is an individual subject for sleep, which is why its choice should always be independent and conscious. New mattresses from Lessa are a pleasure.

From the feature – multi-zone support of the body during sleep thanks to several layers of firm elastic foam. It acts as a pledge of softness and elasticity about the mattress and allows people to sleep with different weights, needs on the same bed and feel comfortable.

The innovative approach of hybrid mattresses is the advantages of supporting springs and a soft elastic base without a flexible base.

Mattresses from Leesa determine the necessary level of support for the body, constantly caring for the health of the spine.

The most basic component of the mattress is foam filler with a memory effect. He has the ability to “remember” the position of the body and save it for a while.

The memory surface facilitates

  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • maintaining the correct anatomical position of the body;
  • relaxation of muscles.

New developments are more functional and capable of making the process of sleeping and awakening as enjoyable as possible.

In addition, the materials used to make the product are natural and do not cause allergies, and can maintain the optimal temperature of your body at any time of the year. Good night`s sleep is crucial for everybody’s success and guys from Leesa know that.

Customer service after buying goods and the ability to check the goods for 100 days at home very pay attention, and also causes confidence in the company.

Donations of The Company

Despite the effectiveness of the influence of all economic factors on the growth of the company, the main reason is philanthropic activity.

According to Business Insider, Leesa has donated over 30,000 mattresses to people in need since launching in 2014.

The founders and members of the team money is not a goal, they just want to help the needy. Their strategy is that after every tenth sold mattress the next one is given free of charge to the one who needs it, but can not buy it.

Each sold bed is accompanied by a tree planting, which has a beneficial effect on ecology. And also, the sponsorship of various local organizations that deal with environmental and social issues.

And every customer buying a mattress feels like an accomplice in philanthropic activity and many people understand that this is a good way to make the world a little better. Therefore, the number of those who want to buy a mattress by the Leesa is growing at a crazy rate.

Online Mode of Operation

The founders of the company make the main emphasis on marketing as the most important component of any business.

Since its main task is to study the demand for the goods, make forecasts for its consumption and complete satisfaction of this demand. And the main elements of their marketing were advertising and organizing the sale of goods.

Despite the rapid growth of the e-commerce segment and the intensive development of technologies, not all entrepreneurs understand the advantage of an online store for business.

But, the founders of the brand immediately determined their path and were not mistaken. Because, in their case, the advantages of online stores are manifested best.

This is not just a “business card”, created for a tick. This is a full-fledged and very effective sales tool. Advantages of the online store Lessa compared to other stores quite a lot.

In just 2-3 weeks, the store began to generate revenues. Orders began to arrive on the day after the project was launched, and this is all due to the proper and professional work of site development specialists

The online store is aimed at the target segment of potential customers and the team has found a way to communicate effectively with each client.

The convenience and simplicity of ordering and delivery bribes even the most demanding buyers.

The company takes part in many social projects to help the homeless and charity. All members of the team are sure that charity is the second major part of the company’s activity, which brings them satisfaction from work.