The key to an effective marketing campaign is creating engaging and purposeful online content.

Advertisements in the last decade have evolved to go beyond the traditional media of TV commercials, radio ads, and print ads from the past. Today, your marketing team can boost your business’ effectiveness and profitability by mastering the art of content.

Here are 10 exciting content ideas you should try using in your digital marketing campaign this year.

1. Lists

The first rule of creating engaging content that is also informative is to focus on readability.

Reading comprehension is a tough thing to master when designing content and articles that will be read on mobile technology and small screens.

Most content experts recommend using highly visible text features such as headings, bullets, captions, and bold text.

The most effective and readable content type is the list. The list helps break down the content into manageable, smaller paragraphs that consumers can digest more easily.

2. Guest Posts

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Another idea to try when your content well of ideas dries up is the guest post.

Businesses that manage a blog may have one or two key staff members who continually author all posts. Over time, audiences get used to that regular voice and way of writing.

You can mix it up and make a more effective marketing strategy if you insert a guest post from another blogger every once in a while.

3. Infographics

Next on the list of cool content marketing ideas is the infographic.

The infographic is a combination of visuals and text details that convey information in a totally unique way. It mirrors an old-fashioned educational poster from years ago and makes content seem reliable.

There is a bit of a learning curve when creating an infographic, but once you once you master the process, you can easily duplicate the technique and make even more effective infographics.

4. Podcasts

Don’t forget the power of the spoken word when developing online content for your marketing campaign.

Why not try to go with the power of podcasting to help convey your advertising goals and brand messages?

Podcasting can be entirely scripted. Or you can go with a looser and more natural approach with hosts engaging in conversation that seems more like native advertising. This means your marketing content won’t seem like sponsored material that consumers will tune out.

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5. Live Video

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Another idea that goes along with a podcast is to use a live video every so often to give your content a different platform.

A live video can be scripted as well, or you can go with a few key points and leave it up to chance.

Live videos can be created about timely topics and spread the word about cool promotions, new products, and other updates from your company.

6. Industry News

Keyword rich content is also very important for your marketing strategy.

Writing keyword rich content that doesn’t sound like an ad is truly an art. Ad if you master it, it makes it easier for the search engines to find your company and help consumers find you.

Search engines are constantly changing the way they search and index sites, so it’s important to be ahead of the curve in this field.

7. Narrative Videos

Narrative videos are also quite effective when you want to convey an important message about your company’s identity.

These ads don’t really look like ads, but instead, look like short movies telling an emotional and meaningful story.

8. Memes

You can also have a bit of fun with your content creation marketing strategy by using and creating memes.

Memes are short but effective pictures and texts that joke about something topical in the world of digital pop culture. Often times memes don’t even appear as advertising if they are used effectively.

Memes are typically short-term marketing techniques that can have lasting long-term impact.

9. Games

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Designing a game and telling a story through playing it is another way you can create content and spread awareness about a topic related to your business.

Fun and easy web games or apps that use your products, services, or brand identity’s key phrases can help keep your company in the mind of your customers.

You can also help consumers associate you with fun, adventure, and the top trends.

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10. Testimonials

The last way you can be more creative and unique with your content is to have real testimonials from consumers you’ve worked with.

Avoid posting these on your website and instead have them throughout the internet on personal blogs, new sites, and social media posts.

The best part about this is you don’t actually have to create the content, the consumer controls the voice and keeps it positive and focused on your marketing goals.

It’s time to look beyond the tried-and-true marketing techniques for content creation. Today, if you want to stand out among your competition, you’ve got to try these unique content creation strategies.